Maya Sienna
Bullying Survivor
Female | Saint Petersburg, FL   United States
Bullied at school
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: borderline
6/12/13 9:26 AM
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Pop sensation, Maya Sienna, has suffered at the hands of bullies and has had to recover from being bullied. While Maya was at public school, she would get pushed around, people would threaten to beat her up, or she would get teased about her weight. She got called fat many times. Maya would even get made fun of for having good grades. All of this bullying effected Maya greatly. She felt like she always had to have on a guard and she felt extremely unsafe and vulnerable in a setting that should have been comfortable.

Maya is now an anti-bullying advocate and speaker and she used her terrifying experience to tackle her dreams of becoming a performer.

Bullying is a horrible thing that happens to children everywhere, but Maya knows how to pull through and stay strong. Maya says, “You should always speak to an adult or a peer if you are being bullied. You may be scared at first but trust me, it really helps. They can help you resolve the problem.”

Now, Maya is a singer/songwriter, dancer, and actor who followed her dreams because of being bullied. She is an advocated today that kids can overcome bullying and follow their dreams.

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Posted By: 1World | 6/17/13 3:12 PM
She aint fat now! The last time I checked good grades helped you become successful and in case you didnt notice she is doing okay now!
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