Bryan Clay
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Chillicothe, OH   United States
Child being shot with BBs
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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6/11/13 9:17 AM
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CHILLICOTHE — City officials said Monday they will look into helping a Chillicothe woman whose 12-year-old son has been subjected to repeated incidents of bullying in the community and who claims authorities have failed to take action against those responsible.

Resident Kim Clay pleaded with city council members to help her, noting that her son, Bryan, has been shot with BB guns, with the bullying beginning shortly after he joined the junior deputy program with the Ross County Sheriff’s Office. The Clays moved to Chillicothe two years ago from Columbus.

“It started with calling him a snitch,” Clay said.

Clay added that, despite contacting the police department numerous times, nothing has been done. The repeated bullying incidents have led her son to self-mutilation, she said, noting that she fears a possible tragic ending.

“He does not understand why the police won’t help him,” Clay said.

Her son has created an anti-bullying group known as the Chillicothe PAVERS, an acronym for People Against Violence Everywhere, on Facebook that has nearly 50 members. Still, Clay urged city leaders to help her and her son.

“I want him to see there are people that will help,” she said.

Council President Eric Rinehart said the city’s Community Affairs Committee will look into the matter. The chairwoman of that committee, Beth Neal, said after the meeting that, upon hearing Clay’s story about her son, she was glad a committee assignment is being made to address the issue.

“I know we’ll come up with legislation that will help her,” Neal said. “I think we’ll come up with a good resolution for her, and how proud I am of her son. Instead of just giving into despair, he’s taking a proactive approach, and I think that’s a wonderful thing and we’re going to do everything we can do as council to help him.”

Asked what struck Neal the most upon hearing Clay’s story, Neal said, “Just his helplessness at thinking that no one cared and didn’t want to be here anymore.”

“As a mother, if I heard one of my kids saying that, I would be beating down council members’ doors to get some help, so yeah, my heart goes out to her son and what their family must be going through,” Neal said.

Neal said she hopes to get input from stakeholders and others in the community to address the issue.

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Posted By: ForTheMeanTime | 6/11/13 10:37 AM
Not sure what's going on in Ohio, but where I live if you shoot someone with a BB gun it's considered a 2nd degree misdemeanor.
Posted By: MakeMeSweat02 | 6/12/13 10:51 AM
I've been shot with a BB gun and I can tell you they hurt. I feel bad for this kid.
Posted By: StandByMe23 | 6/13/13 11:50 AM
Should be jail time if you shoot someone with a BB gun.
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