Jeff Tumbeil
Bullying Survivor
Male | Eugene, OR   United States
As you wish
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: OregonDucks
6/10/13 2:20 PM
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How do you make a wish? Do you look in the sky and wait for a falling star? Once a year when you blow out the candles? Every time the clock has the same numbers? I wished on a well and that wish I wished finally came true.

7th-10th grade was my darkest years of my life. So dark I even thought about suicide a time or two. I had a progressive case of bullying that begin with taunts and teasing and punches and kicks. Did a lot of running away and a ton of begging to be left alone but no matter what I did it continued. I became withdrawn from a lot of the things that made me happy and refused to participate out of fear of being ridiculed and beaten by my bullies. While walking through the trees one day I noticed a wishing well in someone's backyard. I had one penny in my front backpack pocket and decided to make a wish. I wish that I could make my bullies go away.At that point I didnt care if that meant they all were deported to Russia I just wanted them gone so I though it was a good enough wish. Oddly enough the next day in school was a dance where the girls had to ask the guys and I was asked. The girl wa a friend of mine since 3rd grade and I was delighted to be her date. The dance was a few days later and that night I did run into the guys who bullied me nearly every day. I was frozen in fear and was praying that they just walk away but they didnt. They walked right up to me and said hey I didnt know you had a girlfriend. I was in shock because it was the first time they never told me to start running or push me and laugh. I said this is my friend she isnt my girlfriend but they told me if she asked you to this dance she wants to be your girlfriend and gave me high five. How the heck did everything change within the last 5 days? After they walked away she asked me if it was bad they thought she was my girlfriend and the way she was looking at me I could tell she wanted it. By the end of the night I had my first girlfriend. We dated into college and were married on 3/8/02.

Thinking that all my bullying went away because I wished on a wishing well is crazy, right? There is no way you can just wish for something and it all the sudden just happens, right? I remember thinking on a Monday that I think I am going to be bullied forever and on a Friday I was giving my bullies a high five. The impossible is not impossible its just life. One minute you think you know how you future will be and the next minute you feel like your options are endless. If you dont stick around and wait for the good things to happen then you are missing out on your happy ending.

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Posted By: Avoided | 6/10/13 3:00 PM
I think it is more crazy not to have wishes because you think they cant come true
Posted By: windytunnel | 6/10/13 7:49 PM
I really enjoyed your story!!! WOW! You guys are still married I hope? That must have been an awkward, but amazing feeling to have your bullies actually give you props for having a girlfriend. This is really just a fantastic story and Im so glad you shared it with us!! Thank you so much!
Posted By: Life4fish | 6/11/13 10:28 AM
I wish you and your wife a happy healthy life
Posted By: SunsetsInRio | 6/11/13 11:16 AM
Cool story Jeff. Hope things stay well in your life.
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