Linden Community Schools
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Linden, MI   United States
Parents claim bullying perists
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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6/07/13 11:58 AM
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Area school districts have taken steps to combat bullying, but some parents say it hasn't been effective.

Linden parents believe bullying is still happening regularly at Linden High School.

Several parents spoke on the issue on Wednesday's school board meeting, Mlive Media reported, claiming incidents have been reported without much action. The article stated that School Board President Scott Maker said the district is looking more into the issue.

After the suicide death of Josh Pacheco in November, Fenton Patch reported that superintendents were discussing how their schools handle bullying.

Linden Community Schools added anti-bullying hot lines students can call or text. Linden Superintendent Ed Koledo said the district would have suicide and bullying counselors come in to work with the entire district, including staff, on what they can do if they witness bullying.

“The work with bullying is never done,” he told Fenton Patch in December.

Lake Fenton has also taken steps to combat bullying. Students formed an anti-bullying group called The Starfish Initiative, which held an anti-bullying walk in December. The school also hosted anti-bullying speaker Keenan West in January.

Fenton schools participated in an anti-bullying march on Dec. 9 with Lake Fenton schools. The The Bullycide Project has also been performed several times at the school. Fenton fifth-grader Jaden Williams also started an anti-bullying club at Tomek-Eastern Elementary School.

“The big thing is to report it, so the adults can handle it and respond appropriately so the kids can feel safe in our building,” Fenton Superintendent Tim Jalkanen told Fenton Patch in December.

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Posted By: eMBRACEmE | 6/07/13 12:32 PM
Sounds like they are really starting to put some thought into a good starting plan (that) just may pan out! Good Job! ;)
Posted By: EddieGafleski | 6/10/13 10:42 AM
Between the hotlines and the councilors for the teaching staff, It sounds like they are off to an excellent start.
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