Rob Lowe
Bullying Survivor
Male | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Bullied for acting
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: CentralH
6/07/13 11:03 AM
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Rob Lowe is an American film and television actor. He garnered fame after appearing in such films as The Outsiders, Oxford Blues, About Last Night..., St. Elmo's Fire, Wayne's World, Tommy Boy, and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. On television, he played Sam Seaborn on The West Wing and Senator Robert McCallister on Brothers & Sisters. He is currently appearing on Parks and Recreation as Chris Traeger.

Rob Lowe used to worry people would "beat the living s**t" out of him for wanting to be an actor.
The 49-year-old hunk grew up in Ohio before moving to Malibu during his childhood, and was pleased when he made friends with the Sheen and Penn acting dynasties because he felt like he could be comfortable for the first time.

He said: "When I was in Ohio, I was the only person I knew who wanted to be an actor. This is pre-'Glee'.
"It was definitely not cool to be different. But in Malibu I uncovered this group of kids who also wanted to be actors. And they just happened to be the Penn brothers and the Sheen brothers. And better, they only lived a few doors down from me!

"I thought, 'Wow, here are people with the same interests that I have. And they're not actually going to beat the living s**t out of me for having them'."

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Posted By: Avoided | 6/10/13 2:55 PM
There is a safe haven for every type of person in this world you just have to look hard enough to find it
Posted By: Life4fish | 6/11/13 10:26 AM
If you grew up in a bible belt area I feel very bad for you because they are not to understanding around those parts
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