Anil D
Bullying Survivor
Male | Pasadena, CA   United States
I was bullied
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: AnilDS
6/04/13 1:54 PM
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I was just like you when I was in school. I felt like I didnt belong and never had friends that understood who I was inside except for one friend that I could hang out with.I was pushed and spit on by the kids in my class and they told me to just kill myself so many times I lost count. I almost gave up when my best friend started calling me names and saying everyone was right what they say about me and I dont deserve to live.I hated him so much for saying that to me that we never were friends after that. The days in school were worse once I didnt have my best friend. I thought my life was over and it wasnt worth living because nobody liked me or wanted to be my friend.Im happy I didnt do that because I graduated and like 2 weeks later I had met new friends that were going to the same college as me and helped me improve on my art.I am now in college trying to get my art and design degree and I have a lot of friends.Nobody cares who I was in high school.Nobody calls me names anymore they just like my art.Life is good and I just had to get away from the bullies in my school and now I am happy.Dont give up because I almost did and I would never feel the way I do now.

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Posted By: MsHanson | 6/04/13 2:11 PM
Bravo Anil! Very important kids are reminded by someone closer to their age that life doesnt end in high school it has barely even began.
Posted By: Stork | 6/06/13 2:22 PM
A story of hope :)
Posted By: DoraLynnUser Verified | 6/07/13 12:33 PM
Im glad you found friends who encouraged the goodness and not try to tear down your greatness. Congrats on school! Thats a huge achievement and your art is fabulous!! Good luck to you!!!
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