Faris Quayum
Bullying Survivor
Male | Newcastle, England   United Kingdom
Student claims police 'bullied' him
Bullying Type: Emotional
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6/03/13 4:22 PM
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A STUDENT has accused a police force of "racial discrimination" after he said they tried to "bully" him to admit he committed a crime while he was 250 miles away.

Faris Quayum drove at his own expense to Newcastle after being summoned there by detectives for questioning over an alleged fraud.

Once at the station the former Littleover School pupil said he was "aggressively" told he had tried to buy an iPad from a store in the city using his credit card, which he explained had been stolen days earlier.

The 23-year-old, of Normanton, said despite protestations that he was living in London at the time, officers continued to accuse him of the crime and even drove him to the Newcastle store to "parade him around the aisles like a common thief."

He was not arrested or charged with any offence and has now – four months later – been told by the investigating officer they "believe his story" and that no further action will be taken.

But Mr Quayum, who was last year cleared of an unrelated fraud offence in Derby, has made a formal complaint to Northumbria Police.

And the force in the North-East said it was carrying out "a thorough investigation" in relation to his complaint.
He said: "This is the second time now I have been questioned by the police for an allegation of fraud, both of which are utter nonsense and neither of which I committed.

"At a time when they are reported as being short of resources, I just wish they would put the same amount of time, effort and money into investigating the real criminals committing serious offenses.

"I was paraded around this store like a common thief in front of shoppers and staff. How embarrassing is that?"
Mr Quayam. of Molineux Street, Normanton, went to Newcastle in January.

He said he took time off from university, where he is studying to be a doctor, to drive the 250 miles to the police station where he was questioned by two officers.

He explained to them how his credit card, which someone used to try and buy the iPad in Newcastle, had been stolen from a restaurant in Derby days earlier and that he had cancelled it.

He said: "The general tone of their questioning was aggressive, impolite, forward and intimidating with them using pressure tactics, bullying if you will, to get me to confess to a crime committed while I was 250 miles away.
"During the interview I was shown CCTV of the culprit and was told it was me, just because we were both Asian men and had beards.

"My skin is far lighter than the man in the picture, my beard is shorter and I feel I have been racially discriminated against just because we were both Asian men.

"I am at a loss as to why I have been targeted in this way and I believe had I been white I would not have been treated in this way."

In Derby last year, Mr Quayum was arrested, charged and cleared in court of a separate case of fraud which related to an allegation he sold a pair of headphones on eBay to a seller who claimed they never arrived. At the time he threatened to sue Derbyshire Police.

In relation to this latest incident, he has now been told by Northumbria Police, who have seized and are yet to return his mobile phone, that they are not pursuing the matter any further.

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said it had received a detailed complaint from Mr Quayum and would be investigating.

He said: "A man attended the Northumbria Police area voluntarily and was spoken to in relation to an ongoing fraud investigation. He was legally represented."

Read more: http://www.thisisderbyshire.co.uk/Student-claims-police-bullied/story-19169928-detail/story.html#ixzz2VCM9e1dW

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