Stephanie Pratt
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
I first started being cyber bullied when I appeared on MTV's "The Hills."
Bullying Type: Emotional
Twitter @stephaniepratt

Posted By: StephaniePratt
6/03/13 8:08 AM
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The most recent experience I've had of being bullied was as recent as yesterday. I am a victim of cyber bullying just like thousands of other people. It doesn't matter how old you are, cyber bullies attack anyone for any reason. I first started being cyber bullied when I appeared on MTV's "The Hills." I was picked apart for how I looked, what I wore and for who I was friends with. It made me very self conscious, and the worst part is my self esteem was so low I believed what all of these strangers said! Their words were so powerful that I found myself questioning everything about myself. I woke up every morning dreading to see what people wrote to me and wishing I was someone else. After years of battling myself with thoughts of not being good enough, I knew it was time to change. Not a physical change but an attitude change. I was in such a low place that the only way to go was up. Why did these strangers have such a hold on me? I realized they were mean because they weren't happy. How sad is that. It's a daily struggle to not get pulled down by someone's negative comments, but what I always try to remind myself is that those people who hide behind their computer screens bashing others must not feel good about themselves. From the famous words of Thumper "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."

-Stephanie Pratt

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Posted By: ParadisePoint | 6/03/13 2:15 PM
Im with Stephanie just stay quiet unless you have something positive to say
Posted By: halley | 6/04/13 8:30 AM
That really sucks because you are very pretty!! So many haters in this world. I am a woman who takes very good care of herself bodybuilding,blonde hair and blue eyes. I take care of myself with the spa treatments etc. so I am not a dog. My bully story is this! I just went through pure hell with a co worker. As a mom I had to support my children and put up with her daily abuse.She weighs about 300 lbs. so I guess she was just jelous maybe? All I know it almost caused me to have a breakdown. I would cry everytime I had to go to work. It took me a long time to find another job,but by the grace of god I work for a gym now and loving it and I am free of her,but I will neeeever forget what she would do to me! LOSERS!!! That's all I can say dear! Keep ur chin up! :)
Posted By: MsHanson | 6/04/13 2:06 PM
She is my favorite Pratt :-)
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