Bryn Christopher
Bullying Survivor
Male | Birmingham, England   United Kingdom
Bullied in school
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: PowerU
6/03/13 2:32 AM
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Rising soul star Bryn Christopher certainly looks the part. The 27-year-old was previously offered (and turned down) a modelling contract for his brooding looks. The singer’s transatlantic-tinged warblings are remarkably polished, too, and already drawing comparisons to his idol Otis Redding. But Christopher has something else that sets him apart from the rest of the soulful R&B brigade – a thick Brummie twang.

‘The Birmingham accent makes people laugh at least,’ chuckles the Great Barr-born crooner. ‘Even if they’re laughing at me. I think it’s cool because people warm to it.’

Christopher’s childhood in the second city was a difficult one; he was skinny, bullied at school and, until he joined a youth theatre group at the age of 12, he was cut off from kindred spirits while being marked out as an oddball.

‘I’d never change anything that’s happened to me because it made me who I am,’ he shrugs. ‘I became a strong person and an individual, and it forced me to go into my own little world where I sing.’

The transition to professional performing wasn’t an easy one, though; a coveted scholarship to a London stage school was disastrous (‘I absolutely despised every minute of it,’ he recalls) and at 16 years old, Christopher was tempted by the fast track to fame.

‘I auditioned for Popstars: The Rivals,’ he cringes. ‘I didn’t get through initially, but I went back to Manchester and got through to the last hundred. Then I got chucked out and cried. I thought it was really serious. Five years later I’m signed to the same label as Girls Aloud.’

Debut single The Quest was released back in June; it missed the Top 40, but received an international boost when it was played over the series finale of Grey’s Anatomy, subsequently notching up almost 250,00 hits (and counting) on YouTube. Second effort Smilin’ is out later this month, followed by debut album My World on September 1, which promises more of the retro-soul style brought to life by the likes of Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse.

‘My songs are very different from hers, lyric-wise,’ Christopher explains. ‘But I love the brassy sounds. I wanted to make something uptempo and funky with a bit of drama, and the producers I’ve worked with have been amazing. I love everything that we’ve been doing.’

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Posted By: ParadisePoint | 6/03/13 2:17 PM
I wish I had a british accent you sound so much more smart
Posted By: MsHanson | 6/04/13 2:08 PM
I wish him all the success and luck that it takes in the music industry
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