Ashley McDaniel
Bullying Survivor
Female | Cheyenne, WY   United States
Triumph High grad gets jump start on goals
Bullying Type: Emotional
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5/31/13 7:24 AM
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CHEYENNE -- Cheyenne's Triumph High graduate Ashley McDaniel is ready for college.

In fact, she's graduating a year early just to prove it.

"I'm so excited," she said. "I'm a year early from my actual graduation date, so it feels amazing."

The 17-year-old started at Triumph at the beginning of the school year after having issues with bullying at other Laramie County School District 1 schools.

However, that was an issue that stopped when she began attending Triumph, she said.

“Everyone here is a family,” Ashley said “It was an amazing experience.”

Having the support of teachers and other students has allowed her to branch out this year, she said.

While at Triumph, she ran for and won the role of student body vice president.

“I would never believe in any of the schools I went to that I would have done (that) without the support I got here,” she said.

Ashley’s teachers said that while there she displayed her skills as an overachiever.

“She sets her goals high,” adviser Valerie Montgomery said. “She’s had a lot of wonderful experiences her senior year.”

One of the biggest changes has been to watch Ashley become more self-confident and determined, Montgomery said.

“The woman who she’s become is very self-confident and advocates for herself and others,” she said. “She really fights for what’s right for people.”

She added it is always a pleasure to see a student have an inner drive like Ashley’s.

“I can see her as an attorney being extremely successful because Ashley isn’t going to settle for less,” she said.

Ashley’s parents, Mike and Pamela McDaniel, also have noticed the change, Pamela McDaniel said.

“When she got to this school, she really opened up and became the person she is today,” she said. “It was exciting to see her just blossom as she did.”

The first in her immediate family to graduate from high school, Ashley said she has also worked to set an example for her three younger siblings n Samantha, Jonathan and Kayla McDaniel.

“To see her walk down the aisle, it makes me very proud of her and what she’s achieved,” Pamela McDaniel said. “She’s a bright person, good hearted, (and) she’s a good role model.”

Ashley said she wanted to graduate early to start working toward her longer-term goals. She is aiming for a spot in the law school at the University of Wyoming, she said.

“(I’ve) been bullied most of my life, (and I) felt that if I graduated and made my law degree, that would mean to all those people who bullied me (that they) didn’t take anything from me,” she said. “I’m still going to be successful.”

She decided on law school as away to give back and help others, she said.

“Being bullied myself makes me see a different side of the law,” she said.

However, Ashley credits much of her success with bringing up her grades and in school activities to the support she received at Triumph.

“(Montgomery’s) like my little cheerleader,” Ashley said. “She always had that positive feedback to help me.”

Her advice to other students would be to not give up on themselves.

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself,” Ashley said. “(And) don’t let anyone change who you are.”


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Posted By: CutieSpy | 5/31/13 2:56 PM
That sounds like an amazing school she graduated from. It's amazing how a change of environment (from negative to positive) can change the outcome of things.
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