Fatima Ptacek
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Stands up to bullies
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: HealAll
5/29/13 12:24 PM
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Fátima Ptacek is an American child actress and model. Perhaps best known as the current voice of Dora in Nickelodeon animated television series Dora the Explorer, and a lead in the Academy Award-winning 2012 short film Curfew.

When I was younger, Dora was definitely kind of a hero for me. I love that I get to take in that role and get to do it for other kids because I know how it felt. So that's an honor. I put a smile on millions of kids' faces just by talking, which is fascinating. But a role model --Miranda Cosgrove, I'm actually very proud of her for what she's doing. She's had a very successful run with Nickelodeon and iCarly and now she's taking the time off to go to college and I think that's super important. Because for me, education is the most important thing -- before any of this, and if I didn't have good grades, then I wouldn't be doing anything that I'm doing.

The most bold thing I've ever done, I think, is standing up to bullies at school. Friends of mine have been bullied and they've been picked on and sometimes even a teacher will make a comment that might be a little offensive and they may not realize it. So when it's another kid, I make sure to tell them that what they're doing isn't right. And I'm not afraid to tell them to stop it and I'm not afraid to tell the principal, I'm not afraid to tell the guidance counselor, so they should just stop right there and apologize. So I'm the peacemaker at my school a lot of the time, too. I try to encourage my friends to stand up too, because I don't want them to be scared. I want to show them that they can be just as powerful, and bullies don't have the right to do anything.


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Posted By: gate14 | 5/29/13 3:53 PM
Tough and cute! Good combo!
Posted By: Star759 | 5/29/13 4:08 PM
It is bold to stand up to bullies and you are very brave for doing it sweetheart!
Posted By: seasonV | 5/31/13 10:00 AM
Born to be a leader and her parents must adore her
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