Xenna Kristian
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
Taylor Swift Look-Alike Bullied, Beaten For Resembling Pop Star
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Cantrell27
5/29/13 7:18 AM
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Xenna Kristian, an 18-year-old British Taylor Swift look-alike, is claiming she was beaten and bullied for looking like the pop diva.

She earns money by impersonating Taylor at charity events and private parties, and is even signed on with a talent agency that books celebrity look-alikes.

Xenna claims she was beaten by a classmate because she was jealous of her resemblance to the superstar singer. Take a look at her picture to the left. That's Xenna, not Taylor. Mind blown, right?

She says her assailant, without provocation, yanked her by the hair to the ground and began kicking her in the face.

"I was sat in a student area just talking on my phone," she says. "All of a sudden she came up from behind me and grabbed me by the hair, pulled me backwards off my chair onto the floor, and started kicking me in the face."

"She wouldn't let go of my hair. I tried to get up, but she just kept kicking me." Yikes!

As for going back and facing her peers, Xenna says the situation was already difficult before the beating.

She says with taking time off for performances, students and teachers give her grief.

"It was bad enough before, with comments in the streets and things, but when it went official and I started it as a career, it just got worse with certain people with looks and comments."

Check out the video (below) of Kristian and her mother discussing the situation.

Source: http://www.wetpaint.com/network/articles/2013-05-26-taylor-swift-alike-bullied-beaten-resembling-pop-star

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Posted By: LoveNU2Much23 | 5/29/13 11:22 AM
People just love to hate others who are doing something they can never do. In addition, there are a lot of Taylor Swift haters... I can imagine there would be so much hate towards this young girl. SAD!
Posted By: HighHeels2Flats | 5/30/13 10:19 AM
I wonder if she can sing? The article doesn't mention that! If she does, she should have a pretty solid career ahead if her.
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