Alex Akie
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Anderson, SC   United States
A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Terrah
5/26/13 10:05 AM
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I'm Alexander. A 13 year old at middle school. I have been bullied since third grade when my dad and mom split up and I got anxiety. The kids would always laugh and make fun of me for having panic attacks. I was being abused in both homes at the time and didn't need the extra stress. In 5th grade one kid looked me in the eye and told me I'm ugly. It hurt. I grabbed a blade and I drug it across my arm. It felt unrealistically good. I ended up addicted to cutting. This only made the bullying worst. One day a group of guys grabbed a shard of glass from the broken mirror and they cut me with it. I didn't tell anyone. On multiple occasions I have had blades thrown at me. And I have been told to "Kill myself." It sounded like a good plan. I tried. I cut my neck but didn't hit a vein. I started going to as psychologist. He told me I have clinical depression. I was put on anti-depressants and the kids just had more to bully me about. I isolated myself in 6th grade. I would sit alone at lunch and during class, I wouldn't talk to anyone, I didn't participate in class. In 7th grade I was jumped one day in a hallway while switching classes. I fought back. I sent a guy to the hospital. It was horrible. I felt great though. I was getting better. I was happy again. I stopped cutting. I'm covered in scars though. But I'm not ashamed of my scars, Every scar tells a story. I will never be ashamed of my scars or my past. I am almost at the end of this road, and then I'll be okay again. I promised myself it would all be okay soon. And it will be.

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Posted By: masonjar | 5/28/13 12:13 PM
I was a cutter too and my scars still are visible. It does get better. I hope you have found the strength within to get you through this. Do you have any friends who are supportive in getting you better? Do your parents know? I really hope we can stay in touch. I would like to know how you are coming along. Please come back to update us.
Posted By: Star759 | 5/29/13 4:05 PM
Im glad you decided to stop cutting yourself.What made you decide that cutting was wrong?
Posted By: LuxTempoUser Verified | 6/04/13 9:26 PM
I hope you are doing better. I'm sorry you had to go through all this. But you ARE going to be okay again. Believe that. People care about you. There is a whole community online here that hears what you are saying and understands. Just hang in there. If things get to be too much again - please don't cut - reach out instead. Like you reached out by telling your story here. You have allies.
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