abby richards
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Zanesville, OH   United States
i'm being bullied
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: abbyrichards
5/24/13 11:25 AM
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2 years ago in 6th grade me and myclass mates were in gym playing dodge ball and i hit emoney ** with the ball and then when it was time to go i went into the girls locker room and everybody was telling me that emoney wants me and i went up to her and then she smacked me rght across the face all because i threw a ball at her thays what your supposed to do thats why they call it dodge ball and the in 7th grade me and my friend diana ** are getting bullied by every 7th grader. And in 8th grade it got worse there's these boys anthony ** cory ** tyler ** they are saying i have *** and everything else also every 8th grader bullie me snd diana **.

by abby richards

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Posted By: masonjar | 5/28/13 12:18 PM
Im sorry this is happening to you. Have you told anyone? Maybe a teacher? Your school principal? You really need to tell someone about this. Especially if it is really bad.
Posted By: Turnback | 5/28/13 3:21 PM
I would tell your parents and ask them if they can come into school and help you talk with your teachers so they can be made aware of your bullying you are experiencing
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