Carina Frammartino
Bullying Survivor
Female | Fort Erie, ON   Canada
Bullied growing up
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Bronzed
5/23/13 8:49 AM
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Carina Frammartino's passion for anti-bullying, the lesbian and gay community and mental health has been the driving force behind her first single Makes Me Feel Better.

Since the release of Makes Me Feel Better, Carina has been working on her second song, which is now done and in the works to make into the studio.

Her second song shows a darker side to Carina, which she described as a little edgy.

"The second song (which is untitled right now), is a serious topic. It's about falling in love with someone and the person gets their heart broken, which causes them to go through depression. The song is really the exact opposite of Makes Me Feel Better," she said. "It has a more gothic touch to it."

Carina wants her listeners to feel connected to her.

"I was bullied a lot growing up, to the point where I didn't like stepping foot into my high school. It was bad, and I've also been diagnosed with clinical depression," she said.

She hopes that through her music and positive message that she can shadow the stigma associated with mental illnesses.

"All three of my passions are closely linked to one another. There are such young people out there that don't realize how important they are. I'm proof that it does get better," she said.

"Pick your battles in life, is it worth fighting? At the end of the day you're still beautiful. Those people are miserable and if you're miserable you want to bring others down with you."

Because of the anxiety created by her bullies, she has kept herself off the Internet as much as possible. She's hesitated doing YouTube videos and putting herself out there.

"I am going to start doing YouTube covers. Because of the bullying, I held back, but I can't let those things in life hold me back I just need to keep going. I've learned that you can't take it too seriously and you just have to move on. Those people only have power over you if you let them," she said.

Carina is a talented songwriter and uses inspirations from her life to drive her music.

She is also working on a third song, which will focus on anti-bullying.

Carina will be performing at the Rise Against Bullying youth benefit concert, which will take place in June at the Sanctuary in Ridgeway. She will be opening for Saidat, who is a motivational speaker who inspires, motivates and empowers individuals by her selfless commitment to help build a better community. Over the past eight years Saidat has been to over 800 schools and community events.

She will also be performing at the fundraiser for Joshua Vethaak, Stars4Joshua, which will be held in late June.

"I'm really looking forward to both," she said. "For me I really like helping people too."

Carina was touched to hear that Joshua listens to her music and looks for the voice connected to the song.

"When I heard that I started to cry, I was so touched by that. It changed my life. I realized that this is about more than singing and more than myself. For me this is what it's all about. "

"I really can't wait to meet Joshua and help him raise funds. I had no idea he liked me so much," she said.

She will also be performing at the Canada Day celebrations in Niagara Falls, as well as the Ridgeway Summer Festival. She performed for third time at a Chapters in Burlington and took part in a CD signing.

Though many things in life inspire Carina's songwriting some of her musical influences include Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Adele, Whitney Houston and Amy Lee of Evanescence.

"There's so many musicians that have influenced my music today. I'm finding it difficult to pick a genre for myself and stick with it. I think there's something awesome about every genre of music," she said.

Because she works so closely with Justin Preston, who runs the Rise Against Bullying website, she's heavily involved in the community.

"Depression and bullying is a huge issue that needs to be talked about. Justin is an amazing friend and a really good person to partner with. We want people to join in and participate, there's power behind numbers," she said.

She'd like to see Fort Erie build on the strength of community.

"Everyone knows everyone here and we need to build on community and support each other. There is so much talent in Fort Erie and I'd like to see it be a really awesome place. So we have to go out and do that," she said.

Carina is currently available for bookings to help raise money to get back in the studio. She also raises money through the sale of Makes Me Feel Better on iTunes, as well as selling bracelets.

One of her biggest challenges is making it into the studio because of the cost. One song can cost anywhere from $700 and up to put onto a CD.

"I do really want to start finding paying gigs so I can get back into the studio. A lot of work goes into this, and it really is work. A lot of people don't realize the amount of time that goes into a performance, or the cost associated with producing your own music."

Carina is hoping to have her second song on CD before the Rise Against Bullying youth benefit concert, and is also working on a website to make her more accessible.

Because Carina was always a shy person, who wouldn't even go into schools prior to singing, people are surprised by her tremendous change.

"I'm the most comfortable on stage," she said.

"You don't realize how much you can change peoples lives."

Carina can be found on Facebook and videos can be watched on her YouTube channel at

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Posted By: Turnback | 5/28/13 3:08 PM
Keep fighting this cause Carina kids need your help everywhere!
Posted By: gate14 | 5/29/13 3:58 PM
I have never met a person from Canada that I didnt think was awesome!
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