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Mother Says Daughter Bullied On School Trip To Washington
Bullying Type: Emotional
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5/23/13 8:29 AM
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REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio - A central Ohio mother is concerned about what she calls "a lack of response" to her complaints that her daughter was bullied during a school trip.

Reynoldsburg City School offered the trip to Washington, D.C. for its eighth graders.

Chris Taylor said her daughter was excited when she left for the trip, but a series of text messages ruined her experience.

"She had a very unpleasant night,” said her mother, Chris Taylor.

Taylor said one of her daughter's roommates texted a boy from their school and told him she was rooming with her daughter.

The boy, Taylor said, sent back a series of texts that the girl read aloud and laughed about with two other classmates in the room that they shared.

One message said "no one likes her ugly (expletive) anyway" and another "ur a ugly (expletive) who can't fight."

There are others that are too graphic for a news story.

"Her dad and I paid for this trip,” said Taylor. "And for her to be miserable the first night, or even any of the nights, or any of the days, where is the justification for that."

Taylor said she called the school the next day and the assistant principal at Waggoner Road Junior High School told her to call police because the incident happened after school hours.

She said she thought since her daughter was on a school trip, one of the chaperone’s would intervene, but Taylor said that never happened.

A spokesperson for Reynoldsburg City Schools said it cannot discuss a matter involving a student but issued the following statement:

"We do not tolerate bullying or harassing behavior, when it affects our schools. When an incident includes both school and community issues, school officials work closely with Reynoldsburg police to determine roles and jurisdictions. Together our aim is to ensure that our children are - and feel - safe both at school and in the community. Sometimes when we investigate a concern, not all of the facts are immediately available and sometimes they are contradictory. Our school administrators are diligent, however, and take disciplinary action when it is warranted."

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Posted By: 1ChristmasGuy | 5/23/13 11:22 AM
The chaperone should have intervened... I believe they are just college students or volunteers with no formal training though.
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