Tanaka Koki
Bullying Survivor
Male | Japan   Japan
Bullied in elementary school
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Bronzed
5/23/13 7:45 AM
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Koki Tanaka is a Japanese singer, rapper, actor and radio host. He joined the Johnny's Entertainment in November 2008 and is part of Johnny's KAT-TUN. Outside the band, Koki has put on a comedy duo, together with his bandmate Nakamaru Yuichi called TaNaka, a name created by the union of the Tanaka family name and the name Nakamaru.

KAT-TUN member, Tanaka Koki confessed that he used to be bullied by classmates on their radio program “KAT-TUN style.” The two personalities from KAT-TUN on this day were Tanaka Koki and Taguchi Junnosuke.

“I was bullied too when I was in elementary school. They hid my shoes, they put thumbtacks on my chair. Somebody even wrote “stupid” on somebody’s desk, and everyone pointed at me saying, ‘We think Tanaka did it.’”
Koki added, “There should be someone to help you, and if you keep facing it, you will see the light at the end. That’s what I did.”


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Posted By: Turnback | 5/28/13 3:09 PM
Being called names is one thing but if you are caught putting thumbtacks on another students chair you should be in a cubicle in the corner for the rest of the year
Posted By: Star759 | 5/29/13 4:03 PM
There should always be an adult there to help if you need it.
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