Kyler Gryzelak
Bullying Survivor
Female | Keswick, ON   Canada
In the end.
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Kyler456
5/22/13 11:50 PM
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So, I have a friend...let's call that friend shirley. She was my bestfriend, someone I could trust with everything, we shared everything, and never let eachother down, She was in a two year relationship with a boy..lets call him bob. So bob and shirley were really happy blahblah everything was going good, Until she finally realized he wasn't what she wanted, so she left him, and all of his broken pieces with out a little ounce of remorse. So he was disgustingly broken, so me, being me, tired to put his heart back together. Now I had a boyfriend of my own, he was perfect, my everything, my one. He felt the same way about me...or so I thought? I built up enough respect for shirley to being her to my dads, (nobody meets my dad unless i truly love them) She started reading me these messages between her and a guy, she wouldnt tell me who it was because he had a girlfriend, throughout the night they were talking more and more, until finally she told me. It was my boyfriend she was talking to, after she told me, I lost all respect for the both of them, entirely. I didn't talk to her for awhile, finally i started retracing our relationship, and me a shirley finally became friends again, but then, she screwed me over with another guy. I know it sounds silly, me getting all worked up over guys. But it hurt alot, not them leaving me, but for her to do that to me, hurt alot. I told her TO HER FACE, that i had a problem with the way she was carrying herself, no respect for herself, or her body, no respect for anyone or anything else, she only cared about her on feelings, no matter how much it hurt other peoples, she lost alot of friends, and i was still there, yet she continued to do messed up things to me. So finally I had, had enough, And told her, she then got all those friends back, but spreading lies, and rumors about me, pinning all my OWN friends against me. I had no one, no one to talk to, no one to listen, and no one to even see, everyone hated me, I would get random texts from people calling me names, facebook messages, and dirty looking from everyone, people would even call me names to my face, when on their part is pretty damn brave. I had finally had enough. March 13th 2013, I tired to kill myself. Was put in south lake hospital in a tiny room with a tiny bed with no sheets, and a hand sanitizer dispenser. Six days. I got out nothing had changed. Wanna know how I got away from the problem? I found people who love me, for me. Yes I am still having problems with the same people MAJORLY but im getting through it. But not alone. I'm moving to belleville in a month, three hours away, I can get away from it all. I'm not running, but starting over. A new beginning, And yes i still hurt myself, but I'm getting the help i really, and truly need. <3

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