Lui Shi Han
Bullying Survivor
Female | China, People's Republic of   China, People's Republic of
Bullied for sexuality
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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5/21/13 11:23 AM
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The first time we introduced Chinese model Liu Shi Han was on September 6th, 2010, entitled “Liu Shi Han – Lovely Chinese Model”. We mentioned that Liu Shi Han didn’t tell much about her family because she was adopted at the age of 7 or 8 (removed now). Rumours about Liu Shi Han being a transsexual started to go about madly two months after that.

Last month on December 29th, Liu Shi Han announced on her Sina microblog that it was true she had transsexual surgery before. The original tweet was as follows:
•“I did have transsexual surgery. I just wanted to hide my identity and be an ordinary individual. But an anonymous person just wouldn’t let me go, making my privacy public and exposing to the media and public the fact that I can’t give birth to babies. Now, I admit it. No need to push me. I will slowly reveal the truth. I’d rather honestly face all this than allowing others to slander me.”

The exposure came to the media’s attention at the beginning of January 2011. A few TV channels started to interview Liu Shi Han. Liu Shi Han’s transgender experience was even made into small documentaries and has since been widely discussed on the Internet.

From “He” to “She”, Liu Shi Han gradually revealed and shared with Chinese audience her sad childhood stories and love experience through her Sina microblog and TV interviews

•“I felt my body was different. I should be a girl, I should go to women’s toilet. I felt a girl’s soul came to the wrong body of a boy’s.”
•“Gay people can love each other, they can have sex with each other. But transsexuals like me can’t, we can’t use our own sex organs. It’s sympathetic.”

Liu Shi Han is from Changsha, capital city of Hunan Province, Southeast China. Liu Shi Han’s birth name was Liu Shuai “She” used to be a gentle and quiet boy who firmly believed she was a girl.
•“I was only 8 or 9 years old, I thought if I died, I could start it all over again. So I copied what they did on TV, got a knife and cut my wrist. But every time I tried to commit suicide, I got caught by my family. They beat me up and forced me to kneel down on the scrubbing board.”

Liu Shi Han emphasized that her mother wanted a daughter before she was born. She used to dress up like a girl after school and believed that she would turn into a beautiful princess at the age of 16. She was like an alien at school. Classmates and roommates made fun of her because she was too girly.
•“They carried me to the bed, ganged up on me and squeezed my face, saying my skin was soft and my face was pale, accusing me of disguising myself as a boy. They wanted to take my clothes off to see whether I was a boy or a girl. I kept shouting, no, no. But they got more excited. They ripped my clothes off, biting my shoulders. I started to cry, I said ‘don’t bully me like this, I’m a girl’.”

At university, Liu Shi Han felt in love with the first boy in her life. It was then she started to consider transsexual surgery. However, her family was strongly against it, beat her up with their relatives, locked her in the room and cut all her hair. Liu Shi Han managed to escape and never returned home.

To make a living on her own, Liu Shi Han started to work at nightclubs as a pole dancer and snake girl by the name of “Lan Xi”. It wasn’t easy to deal with snakes and pythons, “Lan Xi” got bitten by them for numerous times. It wasn’t easy to be a girl either. In order to keep her body small and not growing like a boy, she bound her feet and wore small-size shoes.

After three years’ saving, Liu Shi Han finally earned enough money to do transsexual surgery which lasted over eight hours. She informed her family and her mother asked her to go home after the surgery and helped her with the rest hospital fee. She was beat up, she was cursed, she was asked to take Chinese medicines to become more manly; but after this vital surgery, she was reborn and was finally able to start a new life in Beijing as a female model.

Liu Shi Han had two boyfriends thereafter, but she had to break up with them eventually because their parents disapproved of their relationships. For the same reason, Liu Shi Han had to break up with her last boyfriend after she revealed the truth recently.

Liu Shi Han felt that she lost everything, just because someone spread her rumours and disturbed her families, friends and fans, which made her have to tell the truth in order to stop all this. Now Liu Shi Han’s fans are trying to find out who this anonymous guy/girl is. He or she seems to use the internet in Tsinghua University in Beijing, and he/she even had old photos and videos of Liu Shi Han before she changed her gender.
•“I didn’t kill people, I didn’t break the law. Just because I had GID (Gender Identity Disorder) and had a kind of surgery, I got discriminated and unfairly treated. I feel quite bitter inside. I don’t want the society to treat me like a monster, everyone is equal.”

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Posted By: DarkSide | 5/21/13 1:08 PM
If it wasnt bad enough being bullied at school you come home to be bullied by your own family and beaten and locked in a room. I would runaway from that hell too.
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