Dale Frances Owens
Someone Being Bullied
Male | Mackay, Queensland   Australia
Dale Owens jailed for stabbing man who 'bullied him at work'
Bullying Type: Physical
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5/21/13 6:52 AM
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JAMES Costello thought he was going to die the night workmate Dale Frances Owens repeatedly stabbed him.

Owens used a knife with a 10?centimetre blade to stab Mr Costello about six times.

Mr Costello "felt a punch to his guts" then a "second strike".

It was then he realised he was being stabbed.

The wounds punctured the man's lung, stomach, colon and the "fat case" surrounding the kidney, and damaged a nerve in his arm.

The Supreme Court in Mackay yesterday heard how Owens, then 21, lashed out at the man who it was said bullied him at work.

The final straw had been when the two had a "head clash" at a Glenella sports bar during a State of Origin game on July 7, 2011.

Owens texted his foreman "Oi, I think Ross just head butted me", Crown prosecutor Brendan Manttan said. (Ross is Mr Costello's middle name).

Owens left the sports bar before Mr Costello and returned to the Northview Motel, where he visited the foreman and said, "I'm going to stab Ross" and walked over to where the work trucks were parked. This is where the altercation took place.

A witness heard Mr Costello moaning on the ground, while Owens was sitting in the garden saying "I told him. I told him I would do it", the court heard.

Owens' blood alcohol was 0.216% when police took him into custody, and it was estimated to have been 0.234% to 0.249% at the time of the attack, Mr Manttan said.

Now 23, Owens yesterday pleaded guilty to malicious intent to cause grievous bodily harm. He originally was charged with attempted murder.

The prosecution submitted Owens should be declared a serious violent offender, which means he would have to serve 80% of the sentence.

Defence barrister John Jacob, instructed by Morton Lawyers, argued this was inappropriate. Justice Jim Henry agreed. "It is, I accept, something you would not have done when sober," Justice Henry said.

"Once sober, you must have been mystified with the extent of what you'd done."

Owens was jailed for seven years with a parole eligibility date of September 19, 2015.

Source: http://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/seven-years-for-stabbing-attack-bully-jail/1875140/

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Posted By: Iierralieon | 5/21/13 11:57 AM
I hope they make an example of him. I can't understand all this senseless violence.
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