jeff russell
Bullying Survivor
Male | Baltimore, MD   United States
being bullied every day and wanting to take my life and theirs at the time.
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: jeffrussell
5/19/13 5:17 PM
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I moved around constantly as a child so i was always the new kid.The bullying started early on in elementary school and in middle school everyday,now i would like to go and give speech's about bullying can you help?I was spit on,pushed,slapped,robbed,made fun of daily.this happened in school mostly and sometimes outta school.I am used to giving speech's so speaking in front of large crowds is no problem.Even today i see a therapist and a psychiatrist weekly from the haunting past of being bullied.We need to get across to these kids today that bullying is not cool and it's not a joke.I am willing to help and give any of my time to help to stop this.Please e-mail me at ** or call me at home at **. thank you very much.I don't want to see anther kid lose their life from suicide or murder.So please help me end this damaging cycle and please contact me.Or i can be text at **

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Posted By: trenches | 5/20/13 11:24 AM
Dont forget to point out that many people think bullying is a part of life when it is not
Posted By: pinkiejayUser Verified | 5/22/13 9:06 AM
Sounds like your doing a great thing. You should be proud that you are giving back after what you have been through. I commend that dedication and energy. I agree with the first poster. So many people feel that bullying is part of growing up and its not. Kids and teens deserve to go to school, attend events and have social interaction without the fear or threat of bullying. Good job and keep up the great work for the cause...
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