Vanilla Chamu
Bullying Survivor
Female | Japan   Japan
Classmates bullied her
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: SpX56
5/16/13 10:55 AM
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Japanese model and celebrity Vanilla Chamu has been nicknamed "Plastic Sugery Cyborg" for her strange obsession and the lengths she will go to satisfy it.

She has spent a startling 10 million yen (S$124,450) on 30 plastic surgery procedures to fulfil her dream of becoming a living and breathing French doll.

Her face and figure is so drastically transformed that she looks nothing like the mousy-looking Japanese girl she was a decade ago.

She gained fame recently when a Japanese television program titled What's wrong with me managed to contact her and persuade her to appear on the show. Chamu had already been a well-known name in the Japanese plastic surgery industry - notorious for her desire to look anything but Japanese.

She has undergone more than 30 procedures - including double-eyelid surgery, nose jobs, liposuction, eyelash implants, dimple creation and breast implants - but says she is still not satisfied with her looks.

"I want my appearance to transcend human beauty," she said. And her idea of otherworldly beauty? To look perfect like a French doll.

"I'm attracted by the French doll. Nobody would say a French doll is ugly," she told a shocked audience.

Chamu, who keeps her current age a well-guarded secret, said her desire to transform herself began when she was a little child. Shy and quiet when she was young, she rarely smiled or laughed. Because of that, her classmates nicknamed her "The Iron Mask" and bullied her.

"The reason why I didn't smile is because my father hated children. Whenever I cried, my father would be angry and tell my mother to throw me away," she said.

When she told her father about the bullying at school, instead of comforting her or standing up for his daughter, Chamu's father brushed her concerns aside.

He told her brusquely that the reason why they bullied her must be because she is ugly, and told her to endure it.

Unloved at home and shunned at school, she soon began to hate her face. "I really disliked my face - my nose, my eyes, my face shape and my mouth," she said.

Also around that time, she became attracted to the appearance of French dolls. She started having thoughts that if her face looked like that of a delicate French doll, her classmates would accept her and not bully her anymore.

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Posted By: Sinker | 5/16/13 1:32 PM
I say do what makes you feel good as long as you aren't hurting anyone.
Posted By: SpaghettiEd | 5/16/13 2:34 PM
Her dad is jacked up for saying to throw her away just for crying
Posted By: ninki | 12/12/14 2:41 AM
very bad.... t
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