Isabella Marin
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Brisbane, Queensland   Australia
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: GreenHolly
5/16/13 6:03 AM
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A Canadian education expert on a mission to banish bullies, has brought a program to Australia that targets preteen girls.

She says problems in the playground are increasing among younger children.

Nine-year-old Isabella Marin started home school this week to escape ongoing bullying at her bayside Brisbane primary school.

"They were getting nastier and saying that I can't play a lot," she said.

"I felt really upset that my friends wouldn't step up and say anything."

Isabella’s mum Jade Dunlop was surprised bullies were starting so young.

"It’s the sort of stuff you'd expect to see at high school, where you get a group of girls pick on one child," she said.

One in four Australian children are bullied. Perpetrators and victims are getting younger and psychologists say it's because there's growing pressure on families.

"Children are having to endure more so they exhibit these power plays on the playground, and at school," child psychologist Michelle Barratt says.

"They're not afraid to say something really mean or nasty."

Canadian expert Dana Curford has specifically designed a program for preteen girls, providing strategies to beat the bullies and she's brought her girl power message to Australia.

She encourages girls to speak out, rather than keeping things to themselves.

"That's where they get into things like rolling their eyes, gossiping; catty kinds of behaviour,” Ms Curford said.

She says parents need to be good role models too because children often learn nasty behaviour in the home.

Other advice includes:

- Never tell your child to just ignore a bully
- Don't deal with bullies online - always keep it face to face
- Confront the issue one on one - never in a group;
- Don’t text or email something you wouldn't say to someone's face


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Posted By: ThisIsagoodday | 5/16/13 11:26 AM
I'm glad that they are targeting young girls. A lot of the attention seems to be on the boys.
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