Erin O'Connor
Bullying Survivor
Female | London, England   United Kingdom
Bullied for features
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: ClubSF
5/15/13 11:35 AM
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Erin O'Connor is an English model.Erin O'Connor was born and brought up in the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall, England and went to Brownhills Community School (now Brownhills Community Technology College/Brownhills C.T.C). She was raised Catholic and her father is from Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. On a school trip to the Birmingham Clothes Show she was spotted by a scout.

Admits her tall, willowy frame and waist-length curtain of hair earned her the nickname ‘Morticia’ among her classmates, who would click their fingers to The Addams Family theme tune behind her back. By the age of 16, she was hovering just over 6ft. In fact, she quips, she’d already outgrown her first boyfriend. ‘It was almost like a physical betrayal when my body started going “Ta-daa! Look at me!”’, smiles O’Connor. ‘I wanted to be part of a group; I wasn’t ready to stand alone and be noticed. So I did everything in my power to stop that from happening.’ This, she says, included wearing two bras – one on top of the other – to fill out her chest and squeezing her size-seven feet into size-five shoes. She was also teased about having a Roman nose but luckily that is what sets her apart from the rest now.
Once in an LA shoot where a make-up artist told her she would be so much more successful if she got her nose straightened. ‘Now, I’m not saying I don’t have my off days. I do,’ O’Connor says. ‘But as soon as somebody tells me what’s wrong with me, I won’t have it.’ And anyway, what do they know? Her wonky, luscious nose – the feature she once loathed, and which would be regularly airbrushed into place by magazines – is the feature she now credits as her signature. ‘It’s the only curvaceous part of me,’ she jokes.

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Posted By: Sinker | 5/16/13 1:33 PM
Nothing wrong with a tall glass of water! She wouldnt get paid for her looks if she wasn't beautiful.
Posted By: SpaghettiEd | 5/16/13 2:35 PM
I dont know what a Roman nose is but it looks fine to me
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