Arianna Glass
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Hammond, LA   United States
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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5/14/13 4:10 PM
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When I when I was in 3rd grade, I started getting bullied. I was called shortie. I was bullied, kicked, punched and laughed at. I didn't do anything back. I didn't want to get in trouble, so I just told my mother. She told the principal to stop this child from hurting me. But, I was still bullied and had to got to another school. Now I am 6th grade, trying to stand strong. I don't cut, but I was close to trying to hurt myself in another way. But I decided not too. I am still a victim of being bullied, but I'm stronger.

I've been bullied for over six years now and it still goes on, it never seems to stop. It started when my Dad left when I was six, I told one friend and she back-stabbed me and told everybody, the next day people where making fun of me and laughing at me, and making jokes. I didn't tell my parents, the guidence counseler... I.Told.NOBODY. I went through third grade and fourth grade with only my two best guy friends, my Dad had had over three different girlfriends in the past two years. My Dad always wanted the best for me and my sister I think but I don't think he ever could get the best for us. My little sister was about one when he had started dating this one girl, my Dad and her fought non-stop, there would always be throwing, hitting, screaming, and blood, the police always showed up. After they had broke up, my Dad found some new girl and they ended up getting married after ONE FREAKING MONTH. To be honest I don't like my stepmom, she makes me feel like Im worthless, stupid, ugly, broken, hideous, and lots of others.. the thing is my Dad didn't tell me he got married until two weeks after the wedding. I was so frustrated I thought my only way out of all my stress and depression was cutting and suicide. My Dad and stepmom are still together today, my sister is five now and is a beautiful young lady and she's always happy, and is just perfect.. but me on the other hand my mom always yells at me everyday, she threatens to hit me, and put me in a foster home, and she calls me all these names that hurt me. I started fifth grade and made one friend that was a girl, I was happy but then I got a little too happy and told about mu cutting and attempts, and depression, she turned on me. People at school started hitting me and grabbing my wrists and ankles looking for scars, cuts, burns, etc. They never found any. I started walking to school because people on the bus used to hit me, dump my bag out, and do mean things to me. I started cutting myself more and more until my thighs, and wrists where shredded. My parents never noticed, they didn't care. I tried hanging myself in my front yard in June because I couldn't stand the bullying anymore and all the stress I was going through. It turns out the person who saved me was the person that bullied me the most, the guy that used to bully me is now my best friend and saviour. Yes I still do cut but I have cut back A LOT, and im very proud of myself. I stand up for myself more now. I have more friends that are willing to stand up for me.
-Words Of Advice-
Don't do what I did, it was stupid and it led to very bad things. Speak Up, Tell An Adult. If someone is bullying you tell somebody, get help, TELL SOMEBODY. You're Important.<3 And many people will miss you if you were to leave.~
When I was in 7th grade I was about to move but in a few months and i got along really well with a lot of people. But when people found out they started whispering behind my back, I didn't notice at first but then i heard a few guys whom I thought were my friends saying they were glad i was moving. . . It really hurt and i didn't know what to do so I started cutting and when my friends found out they told the guidance counselor who told my parents. But the thing is my parents didn't care they told me to stop faking, and the fact that my parents didn't believe me is what made me suicidal. Nothing really helped until I moved and I wasn't bullied anymore but my parents still don't care and that bothers me but I'm no longer thinking that way or cutting.

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Posted By: teeeesha | 5/17/13 11:27 PM
Great inspiration..
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