Yang Han Yul
Bullying Survivor
Male | Korea, Republic of (South Korea)   Korea, Republic of  (South Korea)
Bullied for his weight
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Songra
5/14/13 10:01 AM
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On recent airing of KBS2 Quiz 4 Men, child actor Yang Han Yul, who played the adorable cousin of Gong Hyo Jin, also known as “Ding Dong,” in Greatest Love, shed tears as he talked about being bullied in school. He guested on the show along with other popular child actors such as Kim Soo Jung, Aleyna, and Hwang Min Woo.

Yang Han Yul revealed his goal in weight loss as he commented, “I am currently on a diet and I’m losing about 1kg a week.” He said that he wears a step counter and strives for at least ten thousand steps a day.

In addition, Yang Han Yul also opened up when he talked about his struggles in school. He admitted, “I’m having a hard time because older students in school bully me.”


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Posted By: Rainbows303 | 5/14/13 12:58 PM
Posted By: Wait4it | 5/14/13 1:36 PM
How do you not fall in love with a kid that plays someone named ding dong :)
Posted By: Sinker | 5/16/13 1:38 PM
If I was his uncle his cute little cheeks would be in trouble
Posted By: SpaghettiEd | 5/16/13 2:39 PM
Mini Psy! Cool kid!
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