Someone Being Bullied
Male | Birmingham, AL   United States
Cant wait until summer
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: kidpop16
5/13/13 2:08 PM
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My story is that I hate my teachers and students in 8th grade.6th grade and 7th grade was better and I had more fun but I was at a different school.My new school is so bad and I told my dad but he says to be tough.I was tough to the bully but my teacher got mad at me and said to be nice.Never did she tell him to be nice to me and he started it but they like to pick on me and bully me even the teachers.They will laugh at me when I say something and make kids laugh at me.They bully me together and the teacher should be on my team.How can you be tough when you are bullying by the teachers and class but I have to keep my mouth shut so I make it to high school and away from all of them forever.

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Posted By: dontlikebullies | 5/14/13 12:21 PM
You need to talk to the assistant principal, the dean, or a counselor. If the teachers are laughing with the bullies, there is a huge problem. Being tough is one thing, but when the people you depend on to protect and teach you are being as immature as the bullies, you need to go above their heads and get help and fast! School should be a good time for you. You should be enjoying your time. Please get help and tell someone what is going asap and keep us updated.
Posted By: trenches | 5/20/13 11:32 AM
8th was a bad time for me too.Trust me it gest better. Might not seem like it at the time but just stay positive because its the only thing that will help you get from day to day.Know that you deserve better and you will get there one day.
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