Tony Senzamici
Bullying Survivor
Male | Miami, FL   United States
Bullying does not stop as kids it even progresses as we move into adulthood.
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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Posted By: TonySenzamici
5/09/13 9:08 AM
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Currently starring on the HBO series Treme as Capt. Jack Maletesta and on the STARZ Network show Magic City. Also this summer, he will be starring on the hit USA Network program, Graceland.

I remember being in 7th grade and watched several instances of bullying to a classmate that still to this day makes me cringe. This one guy known to be a bully would literally make one of our classmates stand against a wall and make him raise his arms and punch him in the stomach. This hurt me as kid watching my classmate go thru this and the embarrassment it caused him.

I was not a big kid as a 7th grader but I would try to distract him from our classmate but soon his attention went back to his main target. This still bothers me today as I know I should have done more to help my fellow classmate. I do not know how much physical pain he may have been in because actually he was as big as the bully. The pain that sticks with me today is the tears that rolled down his cheek and the look of embarrassment that he suffered because he was not a fighter and how little I did to step in and help him. To this student I say I am sorry for not doing more to help you in your time of need.

Unfortunately the bullying does not stop as kids it even progresses as we move into adulthood. I think bullying is done from many perspectives from the physical act to the written word. I really wonder what message we are sending our children today.

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Posted By: N2thenight | 5/09/13 11:39 AM
We all have that time when we know we should have helped someone and for whatever reason we didnt but the only way you can make it right is to try to help kids in the present.Bullying is never okay!
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