Tiago Salvador
Bullying Survivor
Male | Portugal   Portugal
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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Posted By: tiagoscUser Verified
5/07/13 1:08 PM
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Hello. Back in 2009, I changed schools. I didn't really know what to expect about the new school. I was excited and happy for making new friends. In order for you to understand why I was bullied, you need to know that in that time I had a "different style". I was all emo, if you can call it that. I had long hair, which I'd straight every morning, a fringe, half blond hair, and wore skinny jeans, t-shirts with cartoons, plain hoodies, vans shoes, etc. Overral, I wasn't THAT different, except my hair. You also need to know that I'm a very shy person by nature. So here's my story:
Since the first day of school, my male colleagues all made fun of me. For no reason, they didn't knew me, and decided to judge me for my looks. They'd call me f*g, gay, a fat girl disguised as a boy (even though I'm thin). They'd make fun of me, they'd throw footballs at me, stones, kick me, go around my stuff while I was on Gym class. Some episodes I remember the most are: being locked in the bathroom; they trying to touch my chest to see if I had boobs, just to make fun of me; throwing a football at me when going to the bus stop; giving me a huge punch in the back of my head outside school; they'd make fun of me for liking Madonna and screaming bands; they'd burn and cut my hair during classes; one time during a school trip to the meteorologic institute, they punched me and I was left bleeding (teachers did nothing, even though I told them); one time they told me "don't kill yourself today because it's beautiful day" in a mocking way. They also came up with a nickname "Marlene" - I don't even know why. I hated when they called me that. I tried to be good to them when someone tried to be nice but.. they'd just end up doing it again. No one would help me. They messed me up so much to the point I started hiding and not going to school - I felt threatened and scared, insecure to the point I wanted to be anywhere else but near that school (hell). I lsotthe year and some of them even had the guts to message me saying they were worried, that I had disappeared (I didn't even read the whole thing) I pushed myself away from all my friends because I thought I didn't deserve love. None of them tried to figure out what was going on or tried to support me. For two years I had no friends and the snowball of my pain and sorrow turned into a huge depression.
Nowadays I'm better. But they've left me scars. I'm afraid of people, I don't trust them and when they get near I usually back down, unconsciously. I don't know how to reach to people to get to know them anymore. Thankfully I have friends nowadays. I'm still depressed, but way better than I was. Some days are better, some days are worse. I decided to take off all my anger b putting it into lyrics. I hope I can be a successful song writer someday.
This was my story. I know I was weak and I didn't reach out, but at that time I didn't realize it was bullying. Please never give up. Reach out to someone you trust. Don't let them break you. If you know someone going through it, help them, because they might not realize like I didn't and they might need help before it's too late. I was strong, but they might not be. I hope my story can help and inspire people who've been/ are going through the same or a similar situation. I'll make Stefanie Germanotta's words mine - "It's always wrong to hate, but never wrong to love."

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Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 5/10/13 6:40 PM
Your story is very inspirational, and I am sorry you had to deal with such torment for being you. It's never easy being a new student and for them to call you the names that you were called for your individuality is just pure ugliness. I hope yo know you will never be judged here at bullyville and that you can trust us. Anytime you need to talk, feel free to find any of us. We all have been through it some how or another and genuinely care. I hope we can help you to release the rest of your depression. It is not healthy and we want to help! Good luck to you and please keep coming back to share your stories with us.
Posted By: tiagoscUser Verified | 5/13/13 11:00 AM
Thank you. I've been to the therpyst before and I'm way better. After this expperience I became very stressful, you know? I'm still dealing with it. It's like, I can't stand being around people, I always walk as fast as I can to get rom point X to point Y to avoid contact, I got really paranoid people are always looking at me. I still feel a bad vibe when I pass near the school Thank you for being there for me! I'll be here for everyone who needs too. I don't wish any person to got through the same. And I got rid of some skeletons somehow by witting my story here. I also showed it to my family for the first time.
Posted By: TypeABC | 5/13/13 10:45 AM
I hate that gym teachers dont protect the student more that are being bullied.Its not part of becoming a man to be bullied so lets end this old way of thinking
Posted By: tiagoscUser Verified | 5/13/13 11:03 AM
He simply didn't care. They kept on going through my bag stealing my stuff and I asked him to go there and he was like "You can't just stop to go there everytime they touch your stuff". However one time they were calling me f*g he told them "If you guys have problems with you sexuality don't talk about it here"
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Name: Tiago Salvador
Age: 26
Twitter: Twitter @tiagotothemoon
Country: Portugal
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