Beth Ditto
Bullying Survivor
Female | Portland, OR   United States
Bullied for her weight
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: DreamOften
5/07/13 10:22 AM
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Beth Ditto never imagined being a style icon.

The 32-year-old singer - who is famed for her curvy physique and skimpy stage outfits - is surprised people admire her fashion sense because she just wears whatever she wants.

The Gossip singer told German website BZ: "I didn't plan it. I wear what I like. In the spring I went to Paris Fashion Week. But because of the amazing Chanel show, it was worth it.

"I never dreamed I'd have a models figure. Sure, I'm fat. But I feel totally sexy. Losing weight is not an issue for me."

Beth also revealed she was often bullied for being "poor, fat and gay".

The 'Standing in the Way of Control' singer recently admitted she's happy to buy clothes designed for pregnant women.
When asked where she shops at home in Portland, Oregon, she said:

"Hilariously, Motherhood Maternity, in the mall! There's also Fat Fancy, a plus size vintage store.

"I think Primark is pretty fantastic too. I got two pairs of harem pants from there recently. I like the idea of mixing them with a crazy Charles Anastase shirt or a Vivienne Westwood sweater."

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Posted By: Bride2b | 5/07/13 11:32 AM
Im proud of her for being so comfortable in her own skin. That is beautiful
Posted By: PaoTown | 5/07/13 11:49 AM
Big is beautiful!
Posted By: N2thenight | 5/09/13 11:46 AM
I want to go see her in a show now I hope her band comes to LA soon
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