Chris Rollins
Bullying Survivor
Male | Louisville, KY   United States
I beat bullying
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: ChrisRollinsKY
5/06/13 2:53 PM
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What do you call a scared boy just trying to get through a day without being chased or verbally assaulted? Myself at the age of 12.

Went to a school that is you didnt come from a certain part of the town or had a deep rooted family name you were considered a nobody. A nobody I was for many years until the silence turned to threats and vicious attacks. I remember one day I watched a group of kids point right at me from across the field and begin to charge at a full sprint.I tried to run to the school but I was caught and beaten for what seemed like an eternity but at the time I had no clue what started this. When it finally stopped and they were walking away one of them shouted back at me "you should just die". I wish I could say that was the end of it but it was far from it.

A few years later I started at high school and was ready for a fresh start but much to my dismay since the town was so small you could only go to 2 different high schools and half of the bullies were at one and the other half at the other. It wasn't more than a week when they found me and the torment begin all over again. This time the verbal became much worse and encouraged others to start in as well. I tried to ignore it and hope it would all go away but it didnt. I thought to myself that if I just act like it doesnt bother me they will go away but they didnt. It took me over 2 years of high school before I finally had to do something about it or it would never change.

One day while I was walking into school and I saw one of the boys who used to enjoy pushing me around. Instead of avoiding him I headed directly toward him looking him right in the eyes. I told him im not taking this anymore from you or anyone else and if you think im bluffing ill go right to the principal and your football coach and show them the pictures of all the bruises you have given me over the years(which I didnt have). I could see that he was scared that something might happen to him so he just walked away and didnt say a word. It was the first time that I stuck up for myself and the first time it worked.For the first time in years I didnt feel like a prisoner in my own skin. I actually felt like I could do anything.

I would have a few other instances where I thwarted off a bully by telling him those days were over and without fail all them eventually left me alone. I am a family man now with such wonderful blessings in my life. Sometimes I wonder if I didnt stand up for myself that day would I still be the same person or have the confidence to be the father and the husband I am. Maybe so, maybe not. What is important though is that I found the strength inside of myself and it was there all along. I just had to believe that I could do it.

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Posted By: NeeNee | 5/06/13 3:08 PM
Love the happy ending Chris!
Posted By: DoraLynnUser Verified | 5/07/13 11:18 AM
This is such a great story. I can relate. I come from a small town too where everyone knows everyone. If you were different, then you were not accepted by ANYONE. It's really sad that people in small times are so unwelcoming and make you feel like your a nobody. Glad your story had a happy ending! Good for you!!
Posted By: TypeABC | 5/13/13 10:46 AM
The power of belief!
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