ashley dillaired
Bullying Survivor
Female | Bakersfield, CA   United States
embarrased and harrased
Bullying Type: Physical
Posted By: elysee
5/06/13 8:25 AM
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when i was 10 years old i moved to a new school and looking to make friends. I instantly made friends with another new girl named kristen, and she made a friend named destiny who ended up being my friend too. We all hung out all the time and were practically inseperable. When i was 11 and in 6th grade destiny and i stopped being friends and she made it like her life mission to hurt me. she got people at school to throw trash at me, and anytime i laughed or smiled she would tell me it was ugly and i needed to shut up. i spent most of my time fearing her until recently when i got to stand up to her and express my true hurt.

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Posted By: harlemshake22 | 5/06/13 11:20 AM
Good for you... always stand up for yourself!
Posted By: DoraLynnUser Verified | 5/06/13 11:56 AM
I am sorry you have to deal with that. That is truly upsetting and I feel really bad for you. I do hope things are better now that you were able to stand up to her.
Posted By: NeeNee | 5/06/13 3:10 PM
Next time she throws something at you pick it up and take it to the front office or closest hall monitor and she will get into trouble.
Posted By: TypeABC | 5/13/13 10:47 AM
What happened when you stood up to her?
Posted By: elysee | 5/25/13 11:49 PM
I had told teachers before and went to the councilor but nothing got done and after i stood up to her i felt so strong and it was because for the first time i believed that she truly was nothing and i had amazing friends to back me up. Now i look back and feel flattered that she devoted so much of her life trying to get to me when i was out living mine and making true friends. All shes ever been is a pathetic girl and im stronger now(:
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