Colleen Ann Jeffries
Bullying Survivor
Female | Las Vegas, NV   United States
My foster mother and her daughter the bullies.
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: ColleenjeffriesUser Verified
4/28/13 4:08 PM
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I left ** Orphanage in June 1971. The foster home I was placed was emotional, physically and sexully abusive. I thought God must had hate me. The mother was the worst. Her son was sleeping with the girls and tried with me but I manage to beat him up so he did not tried. His mother locked me in the basement, beating, even made me wear adult homemade diaper when they went on trips. The daughter would go behind my back and get girls at school to beat me up. I had very sad thoughts and cried too much. Than we moved to Harvey Illinois and I met a well dress older man. He told me it will get better and nothing last forever. I was a foster child and God loves all his children. I met Angel ** and I made friends. Soon the cops and neighbors found out how sick the foster mom and son was. They stop the abuse because others told them they know. I was happy when I graduated high school and join the US Air Force and met men who show me how beautiful I was, kind and strong. I look back and realized I was bless to met that old man. Things do get better. Never let the bullies take your soul because that is what some bullies aim to do.

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Posted By: DoraLynnUser Verified | 4/30/13 10:25 AM
This sounds like a tragic story turned into a good ending. I am so glad things have changed for you. I can not believe how strong of a person you have become since then! I applaud you... I am amazed by your strength!!! Please continue to share your success with us and keep inspiring!!!
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