Chuti Tiu
Bullying Survivor
Female | Los Angeles, CA   United States
The challenge is to know that there's a bigger picture
Bullying Type: Emotional
Twitter @ChutiTiu

Posted By: Chuti
4/25/13 8:10 AM
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Actress Chuti Tiu - starring in the new film THE INTERNSHIP.

Anytime I see or hear about bullying it makes my blood boil. It stems from grade school, when I remember guys bullying certain people, and I'd always tell them it wasn't nice. I could never figure out why people had to be mean. I particularly remember a guy two years older (and a lot bigger than me) would corner me in the hallway and throw a football at my face, my chest, and my arms. And I kept thinking that I was supposed to be able to defend myself, to catch the ball, but he threw it too hard and fast. So as he laughed at me, I smiled, trying to be strong, but tears were streaming down my face...

I think times like that stick with you forever. People belittling and calling you names, shoving and ganging up on you. The challenge is to know that there's a bigger picture; there's more to life than this person, this moment, this school. People who bully are hurting, too; we just don't see it. Someone who beats up on you may be being beaten by their parents. Or may just feel so inferior that they need to pick on someone to inflate their own fragile ego. Once you realize that, you take the heaviness out of the situation. You survive. And your forgive. And you grow strong.


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Posted By: 2for1 | 4/25/13 2:48 PM
Truth in wisdom :)
Posted By: JayplynnUser Verified | 4/26/13 6:32 PM
your right. so many ppl have been abused in one way or another and it becomes an abusive circle.. sad thing is there is help out there and most likely they wont seek it out cus they think theres nothing wrong with them..
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