Kristina Cassandra Buac
Bullying Survivor
Female | Philippines   Philippines
Miss Philippines Zamboanga
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: SpiritS
4/24/13 8:54 AM
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When I won the Zamboanga's Top Model contest because it was the first time I saw how proud I made my family. The pride I saw in them matters more to me than winning the title.

When I was a child, I was often bullied by my classmates and because of that, I hated going to school. But my mom told me to stop weeping and to never let anyone step on me. She even added that I should learn to fight and be strong because I wasn't raised to be stepped on. That's why, to this day, I always fight for what is right and stand up for myself.

Never let anyone control you, dominate your decisions and step on you because every human being is born with dignity and self-respect is something we owe to ourselves. Another lesson I learned is to accept my encounters with failure and use them as tools for growth because experience is the best teacher.;_ylt=A2KJkCDL.3dRDBcAIUOJzbkF?p=Kristina%20Cassandra%20Buac&fr=yfp-t-900&fr2=piv-image&

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Posted By: PowerC | 4/24/13 11:34 AM
WTG mom with the solid advice!
Posted By: 2for1 | 4/25/13 2:49 PM
Her mom made her tough and thats why she can stand on a stage now and be proud
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