david rose
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It takes a village to raise one child!!
Bullying Type: Emotional
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Posted By: pascal
4/23/13 10:26 AM
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I am an African parent and my son gets bullied all the time because hes African American, the main reason is because we (the parents) were born in Africa, it ranges from African smell bad, they're stupid, they don't want to play with him because I'm African, not my son! he comes home crying everyday because of this abuse from other kids. We are all Human beings and it hurts to see him being bullied because of his race or color or because of where i was born! hes being subjugated to suffer all this name calling simply because hes African? where are all the parents in all this? where is the education there supposed to be learning from school? the teachers try and stop it but the parents say nothing and it keeps recurring every day!! my son thanks to me and the rest of the family is trying to cope with the bullying and verbal abuse and he knows not to look at the words but where they are coming from!! It takes a village to raise one child simply means that it takes everyone to make sure no one child should suffer or get hurt when everyone looks out for them, regardless of color, race or religion, children should not have to go through that!!

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Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 4/23/13 11:29 AM
That's really heartbreaking your son is enduring such hatred. Being from New York myself, I know the cultural diversity, the anger, and the lack of "caring" between people, communities and schools. May I suggest your son find community groups at his school or community center. Usually those groups raise awareness in the communities about ethical differences. IM not sure which ones would be available to you, as im not sure which borough you are in, but I know the Bronx has a really nice African American community off the Grand Concourse. They have a festival every year with food, music, and vendors. Through out the year, they hold small events to raise awareness. I really hope your son's torment ends soon. Its really sad. Talk to the school super intending and get the awareness raised about bullying. Make them do their jobs! Good luck to you and if you want to talk more, please come back! Keep us updated!!
Posted By: pascal | 4/29/13 9:11 AM
i want to thank you for the information about the center of Grand Concourse since i live not too far from there i'll look them up and see what kind of help they can provide not just for my son but other kids that go through the same problems as david!
Posted By: HarrisNFranks | 4/25/13 11:19 AM
That's just wrong. I hope you get the help for your son needs.
Posted By: pascal | 4/29/13 9:13 AM
Thank you so much!
Posted By: 2for1 | 4/25/13 2:57 PM
The parents of those bullies should help you teach their kids that your son doesnt deserve this and the teachers should never let this be happening in the first place.
Posted By: pascal | 4/29/13 9:14 AM
Thank you so much!
Posted By: Salsita | 4/29/13 1:45 PM
You are his guardian angel and I think he knows that he wouldnt make it without you.
Posted By: SaqenuUser Verified | 5/26/13 2:01 PM
Did you ever try asking the school for a sit down with the bully's parents and the principal?
Because the parents are responsible for their child's actions.
Peace and blessings to you!!
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Name: david rose
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Country: United States
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