High School Girl
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Tarpon Springs, FL   United States
Epiphany hero arrested; victim viciously cyber-bullied
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
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4/23/13 8:19 AM
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Tarpon Springs, Florida - He's a popular and well-known student at Tarpon Springs High School, and by all accounts, he's got a stellar reputation in the city.

17-year-old Jared Alissandratos retrieved the famous Epiphany cross in 2012, the same one his father retrieved back in 1977. The family heritage is strong, and Jared's friends and relatives say they are very proud of him.

Now, Alissandratos is making headlines for a different reason.

Alissandratos was arrested this week, accused of raping a fellow classmate, a 15-year-old girl.

Dean Tsourakis is the teen's attorney and told 10 News, "Jared has always been a gentleman. This is out of character for him. There is more to this case than what you see right now. The State Attorney's Office assures me they will conduct a fair and thorough investigation."

And, there may be more arrests in the future.

The Tarpon Springs Police Department released this statement to 10 News today, "We have referred the case to the State Attorney's Office in dealing with the two other teenagers involved. It will be up to the State Attorney if additional charges and arrests are made."

It all started last Saturday when Tarpon Springs Police say Alissandratos threw a party that quickly got out of hand with plenty of underage drinking.

"When they come over, they have the house to themselves," said next-door neighbor Nancy Ward.

Investigators say the victim was taken to a room to lie down where she later claimed she was raped by Alissandratos.

"She's a nice person," said freshman Jordan Cole. He told 10 News he was at the party, but left before things got "too crazy."

The community is shocked as the story continues to spread on social media, where the victim is being victimized. One twitter message read, "Honestly don't know why he'd have sex with you but you don't have to go to the police."

Other messages contained profanity, along with the young victim's name. Some inclluded the hashtag phrase "Free Jared."

Longtime Bay area psychologist Joe Saturley has done extensive research on cyber-bullying and says, "People can hide online and say anything. It is out of control."

"Everyone believes Jared and no one likes the girl," said one high school senior. Friends of the 15-year-old call the treatment cruel, on the line of cyber-bullying.

"People have no reason to bash her if she is telling the truth," said Campbell. Tarpon Springs parent Helena Kindinis was outraged over the treatment of the alleged victim.

A family friend says Jared's father, an Epiphany organizer sets up the ring of white boats every year, and years ago was a cross retriever himself.

His son Jared was released today after making a first appearance in court. Police say several other students are under investigation.

Source: http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/312198/250/Epiphany-hero-arrested-victim-viciously-cyber-bullied

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Posted By: SilviaMays00 | 4/23/13 11:54 AM
This sounds like it's going to get more intriguing as the story opens up!
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