Ebony Smith
Bullying Survivor
Female | Las Vegas, NV   United States
Bullied for inner&outter beauty, and talent ability!
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: Kashmir
4/21/13 1:42 PM
2.5 star rating
379,133 votes
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For the age of 10 I was bullied by girls in the church and at school because whenever they looked at me they saw a girl who was comfortable in her own skin, confident, and never afraid of a challenge and would embrace the challenge with open arms! Long story short i've been physically assulted by girls, and two of my boyfriends for being to strong willed, molested and prayed upon because of my body curves, and looks, and verbally abused because of my ability to show controll with no anger,or aggressive behavior and still get what I want! Even now as an adult people try to bully me for who I was born to be and that is a confident motivater, risk taker, passionate adventurer who will not be controlled by the weak but only by my Lord and relentless Savior Jesus Christ. I thank God for keeping my mind through all those difficult moments, and educating me on how to cope with people in this world without losing myself in the process! All praise to God for loving me in and out of season. I'm not preaching its just my testimony!

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Name: Ebony Smith
Age: N/A
Country: United States
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Gender: Female
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