Jenna Lyons
Bullying Survivor
Female | New York, NY   United States
Bullied for genetic disorder
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: EverYoung
4/19/13 9:05 AM
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J.Crew President and Creative Director Jenna Lyons has landed herself on the cover of this month's FastCompany magazine. The accompanying article is titled "How J.Crew Stays White Hot" and the next 2000 or so words are mostly about Lyons and the cult of coolness she's managing to cultivate at a brand that, 10 years ago, was a "bit

This sensitivity stems in part from a challenging childhood. Lyons was born with incontinentia pigmenti, a genetic disorder that led to scarred skin, patchy hair, and lost teeth, requiring dentures as a kid. Her gawkiness (she's now 6 feet tall) didn't help. As a result, she was subjected to almost constant bullying. "It's amazing how cruel kids can be and superjudgmental and really just downright mean," says Lyons. Her nonchalant manner became her defense, and she found a refuge in art. "I searched for ways to make things more beautiful and surrounded myself with beautiful things because I didn't feel that in myself," she says. Her mother, a piano teacher, encouraged Lyons to take art classes, where she discovered a passion for drawing and sketching and what might seem to be the unlikeliest of interests--fashion. "I felt a huge drive to make clothes that everybody could have because I felt ostracized by that world of beauty and fashion," says Lyons. "I never thought I would have a part in it. Never in a million years." She traces her ambition to her parents' divorce when she was in the seventh grade. "I'll never forget my mother standing in the tuna-fish aisle thinking, Are we going to get tuna fish this week?" says Lyons. "Feeling like I never wanted to rely on a man, I was like, I gotta work my ass off."

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Posted By: PaddyCakes | 4/22/13 3:05 PM
I was bullied for something I couldnt help like she was and just like her I used art as an outlet. I wish I could turned it into a millionaire career like did though :)
Posted By: Soul2Soul | 4/23/13 12:27 PM
Love J Crew and now I love it even more thanks to this lovely woman!
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