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4/17/13 3:37 PM
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It's so difficult to talk about bullying these days as it has become the cause of absolutely too much depression, deaths and suicides. I by no means was bullied the way kids are being tortured these days but like a lot of young people growing up, I did get picked on a lot. I was a good student, I had a uni-brow, I was a "white" looking Latina, I wasn't allowed to shave my legs like all my friends, etc. There are so many incidents that I remember going home and crying about because of something some kid (sometimes my own "friends") said to me at school. Or things they questioned (my enthusiasm when I read out loud, my ethnicity, my "one eyebrow", my unshaved legs) and I didn't always know what to say to stand up for myself. But I got use to it. I got better at pretending it didn't bother me. I had some good friends and such a great family that I guess I somehow knew, deep down, those kids didn't really mean much in the big picture. But it was hard. You want to fit in. You really want people to like you. You're tired of feeling bad about yourself.

These days, I encourage kids to speak up! Find peers like yourself to be your support group. Your shield. Your confidants. Talk to an adult! We're hear to listen! To help you understand that it does get better. I can't deny that some of those bullies in school don't grow up to be bullies as adults, but I can say that YOU get better! YOU understand who YOU are more each day and realize they are not worth any of your grief. You start to realize that everything they made fun of you for, are ALL the things that make you love who you are today. You begin to see that anyone throwing negativity towards you then, now and in the future obviously see all that you have to be HAPPY about. They see things in YOU they haven't found in themselves.

Kudos to and all of the brave souls on this forum sharing their personal struggles and triumphs with bullying. It's honestly really sad that a site like this has to exist but it's so EMPOWERING to know how many of you are on here supporting each other, sharing your stories, and taking those "bulls by the horn"!!! Felicidades!!!

MUCH Love,

The green eyed, "white" Latina with hairy legs and a unibrow
who enthusiastically acted out the words in stories when she read out loud in class -

Valery Ortiz

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Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 4/17/13 4:31 PM
You are such an inspiration. Being Native, Hawaiian, Samoan, I can relate. Was always taller than allll the kids in class, but never dark enough to belong eith my islanders, and to "mixed" for my native people. I was an akward kid. Thank you for being an inspiration! You are beautiful!!!!+
Posted By: PetaSupport87 | 4/18/13 2:59 PM
Green eyed Latina that is a sweetheart.#inspirational
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