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Bullied 15-year-old tells of school’s lack of response until police called
Bullying Type: Physical
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3/27/13 7:41 AM
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In an interview with national newspaper Mainichi, a 15-year-old student detailed how he had been subjected to physical bullying by his classmates for three years and how the school had not done enough to ensure that the incidents would at least be lessened. Three bullies were eventually arrested last year after he and his mother decided to go to the police instead.

In his freshman year at a junior high school in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, the bullying began with students picking a fight with him over petty things. He recounted an incident in October 2010 during soccer practice when he got into an argument with one of his classmates and he ended up getting kicked in the face by several others after he had fallen down. He was sent to the hospital afterwards because of taking hits to the head. The following year, it got worse. He and his mother took it up with the teachers, who brought it up at grade gatherings. However, the school still considered it as squabble among students and did not take serious measures.

But last year was the pinnacle of it all when the 15-year-old was cornered in the bathroom by two students who just decided to punch and kick him. Although the school advised the mother to report the incident to the police, it claimed that officials had no idea of the extent of bullying at their institution until the officers came. Neither did they report any kind of bullying incident to the school board. Meanwhile, a ruling was already handed down by the Yokohama Family Court’s Sagamihara branch placing the three bullies under supervision.

Source: http://japandailypress.com/bullied-15-year-old-tells-of-schools-lack-of-response-until-police-called-2725893

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Posted By: BullyHitManUser Verified | 3/27/13 9:55 AM
I'm glad those bullies are finally getting disciplined. It sounds like the bullying in Asia is even worse than in the U.S.
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