ursell martinez
Bullying Survivor
Female | Newport News, VA   United States
new girl
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: belieber1003
3/25/13 1:47 PM
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I was the new girl at school and I didn't make friends easily so for a couple of days I didn't really talk 2 anyone but weeks later this girl kept messing with me I ignored her but when we were in math class she kept talking 2 me all I said was shh cause I was trying 2 listen then she said she was gonna slap me I. Told her do it she came over 2 me and she pulled my hair I would have gotten up and beat her little tail but I told myself she won't worth getting suspended instead I told a teacher cause I'm. Not about 2 get in a fight over something stupid. From tht day on she stoped picking on me but still picks on others I. Have a mission to get rid of all bullies with a peaceful resolution.

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Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 3/25/13 6:37 PM
Good mission. Im glad you didn't let her get to you. its hard, but you didn't stoop to her level. Keep up on your mission and inspire others to do the same. Stand up for those who this girl is bullying, because they may not have the courage you have, so give them some of yours. Keep us posted!!
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