Bullied Teen
Someone Being Bullied
Female | London, England   United Kingdom
Bullied because I am beautiful
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Moore
3/20/13 8:30 AM
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"People think I'm crazy for saying this, but I honestly feel like I'm trapped in my own body. People always judge me because of how I look. Then, when I try to explain how much it hurts, people just think I'm being bitchy. I think being beautiful has ruined my life!

"It's not like I think I'm the most beautiful girl in the world or anything - but I know for a fact that people treat me differently because of my looks.

"When I was younger my life was normal, but now that I'm in my teens, everything's changed and it seems that the way you look is all that matters.

"Being good looking has definitely made my life difficult - some things that many girls wish for or even dream about happen to me a lot, and it's made me realise that you should be careful what you wish for. The reality can be quite different than I thought it would be!

"People assume that because someone is pretty or confident, they think that they're better than everyone else. I didn't really notice this until I moved to high school and I heard these girls saying that they shouldn't be friends with me because I was stuck-up and I acted posh - which is totally not true.

"It's like no-one actually tries to get to know you, they just take one look at you and make their mind up.

"When I was younger, I used to get a little anxious that I would never get a boyfriend, but now my worries are quite different. Boys ask me out all the time - it's actually gotten to the point where it's really annoying. I get asked out at least twice a week at school - it's exhausting!

"Every boy in my class has made a move at least once - some girls might think that this would be great, but all it does is make my life awkward. It's so hard to be friends with lads when they all want something more.

"There's been a few times in the past when one of my mate's crushes has asked me out and things have got really tense in my friendships. After a couple of times, I ended up having a massive argument with one of my mates, after she accused me of trying to steal her crush!

"This then turned into a massive rumour in my school and everyone accused me of being a 'boyfriend stealer'. For a week, people were talking about me and giving me dirty looks. Luckily, the bullying didn't last too long, but knowing that so many people could turn against me for something that wasn't true really knocked my confidence.

"The lads can get out of hand, too. Last year, there was one boy who I had a crush on, but it turned out that his best mate liked me and they ended up physically fighting over who could go out with me!

"I feel like no-one at school understands me. Girls are generally quite bitchy to me and lads don't ever seem to like me for my personality. The only reason they're interested in me is my looks - and that puts even more strain on my friendships with girls.

"I've even caught some of my close friends bitching about me behind my back, saying that I think I'm better than everyone else and that 'I'm not even that pretty anyway!

"It really hurt because I'd never said that I was - that's when I realised that my confidence and my looks can really affect how people around me feel.

"There have been other ways that my looks have hurt my friendships. I know for a fact that a few girls have stopped hanging out with me because they were jealous of me.

"It sounds big-headed, but I think that they didn't feel confident when I was around, because they felt like I was prettier than them.

"It's not fair - I never asked for this, and I definitely haven't done anything to deserve being bullied. It's like I'm being punished because they're not as confident as I am. There's nothing wrong with being confident and feeling good about yourself, is there?

"I feel like my life was so much easier when I was younger, before everyone cared about the way you looked. All I want is for people to get to know the real me before they judge…"

Source: http://www.shoutmag.co.uk/real-life/bullied-because-i'm-beautiful!

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Posted By: BananaManUser Verified | 3/20/13 10:13 AM
Ignore them you know you're not doing anything wrong and if people wont get to know you for who you actually are then they're not worth being around!
Posted By: Peter08 | 4/08/13 1:11 AM
It like that in high school, don't worry be positive about your beautiful features, and respect yourself.
Posted By: ThatNerdyGirl08 | 10/24/14 9:34 PM
Man. That sucks. It happens to me too, so don't worry about being alone. Those girls are just insecure and often jealously stems from insecurity. Girls, especially jealous ones, often can be vapid and thoughtless. Most of the time they shroud themselves in comparing their looks, smarts, popularity and body. The best thing you can do is seek advice from people who dealt with the same problem, empathy is better than sympathy at times. I understand and go through the same thing daily, a couple of down-right deceitful and nasty girls who mistake me as a stuck up snob. Fortunately, I have friends who don't care or aren't pressured by my looks. If you are religious pray or if you're not take martial art classes. I do, and it empowers me. Remember, you aren't alone. Smile and ignore. It pisses bullies off when they realise you aren't affected and are better than them.
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