Julie Pell
Bullying Survivor
Female | Coffs Harbour, New South Wales   Australia
Just two words continued.
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Justjules
3/21/13 12:26 AM
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44 years ago a baby was born. To the shock of the doctors n her parents the baby had a large sack pert riding from her lower spin. This baby was rushed from the country town into an ambulance to a city hospital. The baby was operated on n her parent given an overwhelming diagnosis. Their baby would never walk, she would be incontinent and need to had a bag on her stomach and she has fluid on her brain which would also cause her to have some issues intellectually and sent on their way. The parents overwhelmed take their new first child home. Over the years the baby was cared for very well by her young parents who new nothing about spina bifida nor was there any support in those days for them. At the age of at a sports carnival at the local primary school where her father was the head master, the toddler to everyone's surprise stood up and ran (not walked) for the very first time. What a surprise to everyone especially to her parents. In addition she appeared to not have the intellectual disability as first states. The years went by n the family now had two more child, both born healthy n without complications. Years move on When the first born starts to feel that things are different as her dad now doesn't really 'see' her. The man she adored did not seem to focus on her inabilities and not her abilities. Further years in she starts school now begins her first experience of being looked at in a way she felt self conscious, avoided then teased. U see she was the same but different. By time she was a teenager she had heard all the sayings (stinky, you walk funny, we don't like u) but what was hard was when saw people mocking her by imitating her very different walk right out in the open in front for all to see. Still she went on made good friends but all the time felt different. She did have boyfriends. Wear shorts or short dresses. She could wear high heels or a bikini. These don't sound a big deal but for a girl/woman they are,(she was un attractive and that was that) but this was life as it was and silently went on. There were many operation many other but she just went with that as this was her normal. Some teasing (bullying) continued until late teenage years.

Today I am 44, I am married, I have a daughter, a career in disability work, I love tatts, music, motorbikes, and my family. I still struggle with my self image, the strained relationship with dad and a feeling that I neither belong in the normal world or the disability world. But I do know that I am just me n most days that's ok.

Just Julie

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Posted By: BullyHitManUser Verified | 3/21/13 10:11 AM
Wow, that was a powerful story. Thank you for opening up and sharing that with the world. I bet someone - somewhere - with a similar situation, will indeed read your story and gain hope from it. Stay strong Julie, I hope all the best for you in life. ;)
Posted By: Justjules | 3/21/13 12:48 PM
I really should have proof read. So many errors sorry.
Eg: 2 when walked, no boyfriends, could not wear heels and would not wear short things or swimmers. Oops.
Posted By: BullyHitManUser Verified | 3/22/13 9:46 AM
Haha - don't worry about it, the important thing is you posted it. ;)
Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 3/24/13 10:03 PM
Just Julie, you are an inspiration and I am so glad you shared your story. You are an amazing soul. You belong where you are: A voice for those with disabilities and proof that because of your disability, you are no different than anyone else. Please keep sharing your inspiration! Please keep in touch!!
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Name: Julie Pell
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Country: Australia
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Gender: Female
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Profession: Care Giving
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