Aiden Matthews
Bullying Survivor
Male | Chester, England   United Kingdom
My Bullying story!
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Twitter @xBaNaNaxMaN94

Posted By: BananaManUser Verified
3/18/13 4:21 PM
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I started to get bullied in primary school because I had trouble speaking properly and every time I went out with friends the local kids would bully me too buy calling me "jawbone" I know it doesn't sound bad but it really got to me because my jaw was 2 inches bigger than it should of been for someone my age and I couldn't speak properly and I used to get chased by the local kids for no reason I used to get ht by them a lot for no reason other than that they were bigger than me and I started getting bullied by people who I thought were my friends when they clearly were not they would usually get me to come outside and go somewhere with them so the bullies could beat me up and this happened from me being 7 till I was 12 then I stopped going outside I gained a lot of weight from not going outside because I was afraid that if I go outside that I would be beaten up. I started high school when I was 12 I went to the same one as my older sister but she was in her last year of high school I started getting bullied by people who I didn't know just because I was "fat" I was then moved to another high school so then I wouldn't get bullied it stopped for a month but then it got really bad I was being bullied by people who lived near me and people who have never met me they were calling me fat and jaw bone because the people who lived near me were calling me that I got beat up a few times It was then when I first started self harming I used to cut myself and burn myself just so I could get them out of my head half way through my first year in high school I wrote my first suicide note and I attempted to hang myself it never worked and my mum found the note I was took out of school for 3 months so I could get counselling to be honest it never helped me it made me feel like I was the problem because of the way I dealt with it all I got took back into school after the three months it felt weird to be back but when I got back I got put into a group for kids with "problems" they kept me separate from the bullies for the rest of the school year then in year 8 I got put back into the normal classes I kept getting bullied by the same people the same names the only thing what they did different that year was they tried to set my hair on fire the next year I got bullied I got called the same names I got beaten up a few times but what made it harder than the other years was a family member passed away and some of the bullies were saying things about my deceased relative that made me self harm and I tried to hang myself so I could stop all of this and be with that family member I tried to overdose on some pills it never worked but after one of my "friends" got caught bullying me by his parents he stopped and he helped me get through that year in year 10 I still got called fat but they all stopped hitting me and that year I wanted to try and change so I started to starve myself and force myself to throw up after a few weeks I stopped doing that because it made me feel weak constantly and that year I met another guy who was being bullied because of his weight we ended up becoming really good friends we enjoyed gaming and that's how we became friends we used to talk about it all the time and to be honest I think that's what got me through the next two years having a friend there who wouldn't judge me like everyone else. I kept getting bullied through my last year of school and I still get bullied now but it doesn't bother me that much anymore because they are not worth my time because if they were they wouldn't be judging me without knowing the real me. That is my story of how I got bullied and how I survived it. It does get better and you're not alone always remember that!!

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Posted By: BullyHitManUser Verified | 3/19/13 10:11 AM
Hi Aiden,

Now that I read your story, "I think your even more outstanding than I previously thought." I read some of your tweets and briefly communicated with you on twitter - you might remember. Anyways, I think you have the heart of a champion and you seem to understand the fact that the bullies in life are insignificant and beneath you. Stay strong - @BullyHitMan
Posted By: BananaManUser Verified | 3/19/13 11:13 AM
Thank you and I do remember and it took a while to understand it but bullies are nothing but obstacles you must get past for your true potential to come through!
Posted By: 2013dreams | 3/19/13 1:44 PM
Being positive will help you get through this because the people who call you names are just negative people before they even meet you.
Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 3/20/13 11:21 AM
Great story! I shared this with my daughter who is 17. She has a speech impairment and can't pronounce her "r's" very well, and has been teased and bullied to no end. Thank you, from her and I , for being such an inspiration. I'm following you on twitter.... thanks for sharing an inspirational story! You are awesome!!!! @mizceedub
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