Someone Being Bullied
Male | Eugene, OR   United States
Bullied in my school bus
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: 3scooper
3/18/13 3:11 PM
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There is a boy on my school bus that tries to bully me if he sees me on the school bus.He will try to sit in my section and punch my legs and arms and push me under the seats and make me stay there.I tried to hide but he will have someone who is sitting with me stand up and move so he can bully me in the seat.KIds have the seats next to the driver and I never get those seats so the driver doesnt help me when he cant see me.More kids now want to laugh at him bully me and make plans to corner me and keep me from telling on them from their bullying I did have bruse on my arm from where he punch my arm so hard.I would tell but I dont want to get in trouble for fighting because I would be in trouble.How can you get someone in trouble for fighting you and hurting you but not get into trouble with them for being in a fight with a bully?I think bullying is wrong and you dont have to do it.I am bullied and I know it is not fun.

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Posted By: ApplesANDOranges | 3/19/13 10:19 AM
Explain the full situation to your teacher and if nothing happens, go to the principal of the school. Read the resources and information on this site too, including the forums to get tips and ideas on how to cope with bullies.

I hope all the best for you!
Posted By: 3scooper | 5/21/13 2:14 PM
He got into trouble because my friend told me he would tell the bus driver when he was doing it again so they told him he has to stay away or he will be in trouble.
Posted By: 2013dreams | 3/19/13 1:46 PM
If there is someone on your bus that is your friend tell them to tell the bus driver the next time it begins so those kids will get into trouble for hurting you
Posted By: 3scooper | 5/21/13 2:15 PM
I did that and it worked for me thank you people!
Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 3/20/13 11:30 AM
My heart hurts for you. It is never fun, nor easy, to deal with such bullies. My thought is to tell the bus driver. Have a parent call the bus department and lodge a complaint. Most buses have video recorders now, so ask her to request footage of particular days. Then, report it to your school principal, assistant, or counselors. This bully needs to be handled, immediately! You should not have to endure such abuse by the hands of another, ever! Please, check in with us so that we know this has been handled, what works and doesn't work, and just to keep you inspired. Good luck, my friend!
Posted By: 3scooper | 5/21/13 2:17 PM
I am not being bullyed anymore MizCeeDub I had my friend help me and told the bus driver so he cant be around me now.I am happy now.
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