Brian Paddick
Bullying Survivor
Male | London, England   United Kingdom
Bullied for sexuality
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: borge
3/18/13 10:08 AM
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Brian Leonard Paddick is a British politician, and was the Liberal Democrat candidate for the London mayoral election, 2012. He was, until his retirement in May 2007, Deputy Assistant Commissioner in London's Metropolitan Police Service and the United Kingdom's most senior openly gay police officer.

"When I was in school I remember being manhandled, about to be thrown into a freezing pool of water fully clothed because I was gay, until a teacher intervened.

"I also remember boys trying to strip me naked and luckily my brother found out and came to rescue me."

Mr Paddick, a former Metropolitan Police officer, said: "There needs to be an absolute culture change in the police. I will put that pressure on to deal with racism and homophobia within the police."

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Posted By: Kissss | 3/18/13 11:47 AM
We need more LGBT public officials so we can begin policy making for ALL
Posted By: 2013dreams | 3/19/13 2:03 PM
The ones who uphold the law need to be blind of race, class, and sexual orientation because they are supposed to protect ALL people
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