Sean Thomis
Bullying Survivor
Male | London, England   United Kingdom
An apology from an ex bully
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: SeanTUser Verified
3/16/13 5:47 PM
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For about a year when i was in high school i was targeted by certain students in my town because of my family background, they made jokes and nicknames about my family which were very personal and hurtful. However this story is not of my experience of being bullied but about bullying that i myself carried out.
I think that i took the harrasement i endured quite well to be honest and although there were many times when i was upset it never effected my life a great deal, and although i suffered from this bullying and hated the perpatrators ,this did not stop me from targeting a student in my school myself. It was not my way of coping with being bullied as i actually think i started bullying him before i was bullied my self. He was quite an easy target as it was very obvious that he had little self confidence, not many people to stand up for him and more than likely a victim of some form of bullying from other students.

Me and another student would throw things at him in class,regularly taunt him with insulting comments and refer to him by a frequently used nickname that he had which clearly upset him. One time in class it got to the point where he had to leave the class with tears in his eyes because he was so upset while me and my friend claimed innocence with the teachers,nothing ever came of it and we did not stop. I was aware of the irony of the situation as i was being bullied myself in a similiar manner (although alot of it happened to me outside of school) and i was aware that he was clearly affected by it more than me but i did not care. The only reason i done it was to be cruel it had nothing to do with my own bullying problems. I was an average student in school with no behavioural problems and i was never like this towards anyone else. Overall i was being downright cruel.

One day at a social function that had nothing to do with school i got into a situation were i needed some help and despite my attitude towards him he helped me out and asked for nothing in return. When i got home that night i had what i would refer to as a moment of clarity as i realised i was being so cruel to a good person who had done nothing wrong. The next time at school i apoligised to him profusely and promised him that me or my friend would never do anything to him again, he graciously accepted my apology and has since become a friend of mine. Not too long after i stopped being bullied myself and since this experience i have become very opposed to it as i can see that most victims of bullying are good people who should just be left alone to go about their day. Bullying is cruel and can have a serious mental impact on the victim. I myself took part in an anti-bullying campaign in my senior year of high school (im now in my second year in college). I came across this website a few days ago and taught i would share this story as one of success as the bully and the bullied became friends. I regret immensly what i put him through and would never think of doing it again to him or anybody else.

To him and anyone else who has ever been a victim of bullying i am truly sorry.

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Posted By: 2013dreams | 3/19/13 1:49 PM
I respect your apology Sean and I hope more bullies have a moment of clarity like you did
Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 3/20/13 11:38 AM
So impressed with you. This apology is heartfelt. I am so glad that your moment of clarity brought you to this point in your life. Continue to inspire. By the way, are you and this other person still friends? Good luck in college and keep coming back to inspire others!!
Posted By: SeanTUser Verified | 3/21/13 11:40 AM
yes although we dont see eachother often anymore i still see him as a friend.
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