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Nicki Minaj On Being Bullied In Her Youth: "Girls Made My Life A Living Hell!"
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: LaffyTaffy
3/14/13 1:27 PM
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The 'Super Bass' rapper says she was teased for her accent while growing up in the US.

Nicki Minaj has revealed she suffered a lot of bullying during her childhood days and put up a "wall" as a way to deal with the abuse from other children.

The 'Freedom' rapper, who moved to the US early on in her younger days, says she found it "tough" growing up in school because she and her brother were often bullied for their accents.

"I went through a lot of bullying early on," Nicki reveals in the new issue of Elle magazine. "Girls made my life a living hell.

"We had come to America from a different country," the 'Beez In The Trap' star explained, regarding her move from Trinidad. 'My brother and I had accents. It was very tough.

"So I've always put up this wall, it was a self-defence mechanism growing up, because I was almost expecting people to attack me," she added. "And I still have it. It's sad."

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Posted By: Kissss | 3/18/13 11:53 AM
I would agree that you can tell she has a chip on her shoulder but the most unique artist usually do!
Posted By: MizCeeDubUser Verified | 3/20/13 9:54 AM
Never been a fan of Nicki, but must admit she is mad talented! I like some of her songs, too. I didn't know she had a strong accent. I knew she was from Trinidad, but assumed she had been in NY since she was little. Good for her for standing up for herself. She has come to the defense of many on American idol as well.
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