Chris Huhne
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Huhne has allegedly been 'targeted' by other inmates at Wandsworth prison
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3/13/13 7:50 AM
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Chris Huhne appeared upbeat this morning when his lover Carina Trimingham came to see him in prison, another visitor to the jail claimed today.

Miss Trimingham's presence at HMP Wandsworth in south-west London will provide some relief for the disgraced 58-year-old after it emerged that he had been bullied by other inmates for money and humiliated by prison staff.

However, it appears as though Huhne may have some kind of motoring curse that he has passed on to Miss Trimingham for she was given a parking ticket after leaving her Toyota Prius in a permit holders' area while visiting him.

It was also revealed today that Huhne’s ex-wife Vicky Pryce, who was sent to HMP Holloway in north London on Monday, has been moved to share a dormitory with three other women prisoners.

A fellow prison visitor, who did not wish to be named, said today that she was visiting her son and was shocked to be sitting next to Huhne, who was jailed for perverting the course of justice on Monday.

‘I was sitting right beside him,' she said. 'He was laughing and joking. He looked fine to me. He was with his girlfriend. They were holding hands and staring into each other's eyes. They didn't seem upset.'

She said Ms Trimingham, 47, was sitting opposite Huhne in a large visiting room filled with other prisoners, adding: ‘Apparently he's got a private cell - it's alright for some.’

One woman, who was released from HMP Holloway today, said there was a 'excited buzz' amongst women prisoners when they heard on TV that Ms Pryce, 60, was just two miles away in a prison van.

The 27-year-old said: ‘I noticed her straight away. She was wearing a black jacket, it looked like the same outfit she'd come from court in. I asked her: “Are you Vicky Pryce”?

'She said “Yes, who are you?” She seemed relaxed. She didn't look distressed or scared. I thought she was nice and friendly.

‘She was on a new prisoners' wing when she first came in but I think she's been moved to a dorm which she'll share with three other prisoners.’

The released inmate said some prisoners shout and bang in their cells at night and a few weeks ago one woman even tried to set herself on fire. ‘But usually it's quite calm in there,’ she said.

Meanwhile it was claimed Huhne was called to breakfast by a warder screaming 'Order! Order!' over the tannoy and then later segregated for his own safety because prisoners kept pestering him for cash.

Huhne started his eight month sentence for perverting the course of justice on Monday evening, but it also emerged today that it is not his first time behind bars.

As a teenager he was arrested over a car crash while holidaying in Greece and spent three days sharing a cell with a murderer.

Huhne started out on the D Wing at Wandsworth jail on Monday night but asked to be moved to a segregated wing for vulnerable prisoners yesterday.

The wing is normally reserved for sex offenders who are likely to be attacked by other inmates.

A 23-year-old woman who visited her boyfriend at the prison in south-west London told the Daily Express: 'Warders had to move him to the segregation block because people were bullying him. They were going up and demanding money.

'Someone found out he had loads of money. So as soon as he was on the wing there were people after him.

'They just kept going up to him, saying: "We know you've got money". I don't think anyone beat him up or anything.'

Huhne arrived at the prison on Monday night after being jailed for asking his ex-wife Vicky Pryce to take his penalty points ten years ago after he was caught speeding by a camera.

Pryce was also given eight months for the same offence and is now serving her time at Holloway Prison.

Huhne would have been strip-searched, finger-printed and photographed before being given a prison uniform and taken to a two-man cell.

A former prison counsellor Rachael Bracey warned that Huhne will have to be careful not to upset the wrong people in prison.

Speaking about his time in a Greek prison aged 18, Huhne admitted he was held on remand before he was cleared and freed.

‘I had a brief experience many, many years ago of being locked up in a foreign prison,’ Huhne told Channel 4 News.

‘I was involved in a car crash – vehicles seem to have something in my life – and I was on remand for a period, not knowing when I would be let out.’

Huhne is expected to seek to reinvent himself as an environmental campaigner when he is released from prison.

It emerged that before being sentenced he penned two chapters of a new book shaping future Lib Dem policy on the environment, called The Green Book.

At the weekend Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg used the launch of the book to lavish praise on his former colleague.
Mr Clegg said: ‘Whatever else is happening with Chris and Vicky, and whatever happens in court…

‘Not only was he an outstanding local constituency MP he was also an extremely powerful thinker and indeed a very effective secretary of state, before he left, on the green agenda.’

However, many Lib Dems have sought to distance themselves from Huhne and the prospect of him making a political comeback.

Lord Ashdown, the former party leader, told ITV this week: 'I don't say he can't return to public life. He can in some form, in no doubt after a decent period in which I think an important part of that will be silence and reflection.'

Huhne plans to write, and took a selection of pens to jail with him, PoliticsHome reported.

Huhne spoke before the sentencing on Monday and told The Guardian he is already planning to re-invent his career, saying after working as a journalist, City entrepreneur and a politician he needed to find a fourth career.

Meanwhile Vicki Pryce, who spent her second night at Holloway prison, was defended by her friend, journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown who called her a ‘gifted, sane, stable woman’ who became ‘unhinged’ by love.


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